Feeding on sunflowers?

tima9209July 10, 2010

My rubies have ignored the red and blue salvia I planted, but I just saw at least one repeatedly poke at a sunflower for over 30 sec and come back for more after a few minutes. Do they really feed on sunflowers, or was it maybe just a wild and crazy adolescent experimenting?

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Maybe it was eating insects?

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I agree that it was most likely gathering insects.

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I have been seeing hummers feeding at my Mexican Sunflowers recently. I didn't notice them doing it last year, but they multiply on their own. There are quite a few blooms in the garden...they are supposed to be an excellent butterfly nectar plant.

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Interesting! I may have to sacrifice a sunflower, cut into it, and see if it's sweet. :) I kind of have a sunflower forest right now around one of my feeders, with 8' (and growing) sunflowers.

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Tithonia (Mexican sunflowers) have been reported to be used by hummers. They're great to have around for a number of reasons, and this is one of them!

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