how to get my H. DS-70 to flower

stevenwayne(6 sw)October 21, 2009

is there any tips ive had it for about a year now and no blooms but there are no pendicles either or at least none that ive seen its grown a good bit since then

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Steven did you start your plant from a cutting or was it an established plant when you got it? How big is the plant and does it look like it is well established in the pot root wise?
I grow my DS-70 in bright light but they can do with less and still flower fine. This is one of the Hoya species that comes from high rainfall areas and does not like to dry out much so keep it watered for best results.

If I can remember correctly it took my plant about two years from cuttings stage to blooming. Plants that are purchased at nurseries or home improvement stores are often just many newly established cuttings and they can take a while to settle in and bloom.


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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Hey Mike,

when your DS is actively growing does it look like medusa.
Mine is growing new vines and blooming, has been for about a month now. These vines stick out everywhere.



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stevenwayne(6 sw)

i got it at lowes it is pretty big size its from exotic angel i think the largest is about a foot long it has what looks like a pendilces but i don't know it it looks diff then a regular one it grows pretty fast when it was summer it about doubles in size

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My EA DS-70 bloomed the first year I got it but it spent the summer outside in part shade. It hasn't bloomed since then though. I haven't treated it all that great until recently so I'm not suprised. I was sick this summer and a lot of things in my life suffered.

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Dee I have many Hoyas that get a little out of control and they all seem to be Acanthostemms section species like DS-70. When they are happy they send vines out all over the place and until they develop leaves to weigh them down they can be a little unruly. Last week I accidentally tore the budding peduncle (first time :( ) off of my Hoya sp Haraku because it was at the end of a long vine that had gotten tangled in one of my orchids.

Steven I think you will see blooms pretty soon. My plant was started from a small cutting so yours sounds well on the way to blooming size.


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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Mike, this is what I mean about it looking like Medusa. It is so full of blooms and buds and has been blooming non stop for about a month now.


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I'm wondering if this is the hoya I've seen at the store, it is an EA plant, labeled "hoya carnosa" and has velvety leaves that are curling a bit toward the back side.

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Wow Dee your plant is growing all over the place. Imagine how many peduncles there will be with all the new growth.

DP the plants sold at places like Home Depot are almost always improperly labeled. The plant that you described is almost certainly Hoya DS-70.


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