Thanksgiving holiday food preparations?

digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! What of your preserved foods will be contributing to the holiday meals?

Today we are baking blueberry muffins and apple and pumpkin pies from our stash and tomorrow's family get-together will include, jams, cranberry relish, pickles, pickled onions, our corn on the cob, some of our canned white potatoes mashed, canned sweet potatoes with pecans, canned green beans in the casserole, and candied carrots.

It really makes all that late summer work canning well worth while. Makes us feel like our forefathers did at the first Thanksgiving.

The best to you and yours to all.


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I made the Cranberry Sauce earlier this week. (Though the jar we are eating tomorow I didn't bother to BWB.)

I'm bringing peach-pineapple salsa, tomatillo salsa and corn relish to put out with tortilla chips for early afternoon appetizers.

But I'm making my sweet potatoes, butternut squash and apple pie all from fresh produce.

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

We are having shrimp etouffe, sweet potato biscuits, stuffed chayotes (mirlitons), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, a fresh mixed salad, our pickled green beans and flan for dessert. Each family has their own traditions, turkey is not one of ours.

This morning before work I already harvested the celery, onions, parsley and green peppers for the etoufee. I am making this tonight because it tastes much better the day after, and it is too dark when I get home to harvest! I will use a jar of tomato sauce from our preservation efforts as well. I think I will chose one from black tomatoes. The okra is also from the garden (we pre-froze some). Just add shrimp!

The chayotes were harvested and stuffed last week (frozen at the moment). The sweet potatoes are also from our harvest. Biscuits will be served with habanero fig jam, made from our figs and hot peppers. Believe it or not we still have figs coming, the latest fig year we ever had.

Tomorrow morning I will go out and pick the salad. Some lettuces are leafy enough to start harvesting, and we have a few baby mustard leaves and chard. I still have a few fresh tomatoes to add to a salad as well. Still a few leaves of basil to enjoy and maybe a carrot and a beet.

We ate all the potatoes we grew (we are making another bed for more), so I had to buy potatoes. I also bought the cranberries. Shrimp was from a job. We feel blessed.

May you feel equally blessed and have a great holiday!

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I'm not cooking the main meal this year, but will contribute homemade whole wheat rolls from fresh ground flour, Hab Gold/cream cheese appetizer, cranberry/orange sauce and a broccoli salad, unfortunately, not from our garden. :(

The pumpkin pie is a combo of canned pumpkin and acorn squash.

Not as much as usual this year, but still a significant input for some of the side dishes.

I did just use my apple and cherry pie fillings for our pie social at church last weekend.

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Thanksgiving won't be until next Monday, due to work schedules.

I'll use home grown pumpkins for pumpkin pie and home grown apples for apple crisp.

Had to buy yams, can't grow them here. Store bought green salad, too; never got any grown, but it would have been frozen by now, anyway.

Last night it went down to 16 degrees inside my garage and I had 4 flats of tomatoes and 4 flats of pears freeze solid. So today I'm salvaging as much of that as possible. I've got tomato sauce cooking and I'll make a batch of dog food with some frozen pears. The rest will go into the compost.

Fortunately, I carried 14 five gallon buckets of apples into the house, so didn't lose those.

Leftover turkey gets made into enchiladas, made with green sauce I made with my homegrown tomatoes and chili peppers.

I'd planned to make a pear and blue cheese salad, but that's off the table now, since the pears all froze. So green salad, it is.

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I made our Thanksgiving Dinner. Pot roast, taters & gravy, baked carrots (from the garden), rutabaga, corn pudding, green salad, and homemade blueberry pie for dessert. The pie filling I canned earlier this summer when the blueberries were on sale at KingSoopers. It turned out delicious!

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Well, a lot of it is mine, but not all of it is "preserved" -- as several others have said, I am using my own, but fresh, squash for the pie, potatoes, sweet potatoes (the few I got thanks to Bambi), apples, pears, tomatoes (ripened off the vine in the garage, but still better tasting than from the store), herbs, onions, peppers, Brussels sprouts. I could have used some things from frozen, like squash, apples for the pie, or onions, but I am still trying to use the fresh up, so why do the same work twice.

I will also serve pickled beets and mixed pickled cauliflower/onions/celery/peppers and pickled peppers separately.

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Just checking in b4 bed. My mom and dad did the turkey, Stovetop stuffing, and mashed potatoes. They also made mashed turnips for my dad (no one else eats them), and microwaved onions and green beans. Oh, and bakery rolls - I didn't get a chance to make any.

I brought over 4 baked sweet potatoes (we ate 2), a baked mashed butternut squash, cran-orange sauce (not processed), 2 pumpkin pies made with fresh pumpkin (we ate half of one, left a whole for them) and a Rapunzel tower birthday cake (we ate the tower, not the base cake).

Gee, doesn't sound like much - though it took me 2 days to make the pies (1 to just cook the pumpkin, spice it and put the "butter" in the fridge, another day to make the custard/pies - made 3 pies, gave 1 to cousin) and cranberry sauce, baked the cake last night (made the tower from a pint wide mouth jar and it worked fine, just put it in cold oven), decorated it this morning (took about 3 hours, including making the frosting) while the squash and sweet potatoes were in the oven. Then cleaned up the kitchen at 9:30pm when we got home.

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