Drought affecting hummingbirds

daddydon5(7)July 17, 2007

I previously posted regarding the low hummingbird population in Montgomery County, Maryland. I have also noticed many others posting on the same subject.

I just returned from a business trip/vacation to Tucson, AZ. I always visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, where they have a wonderful hummingbird aviary (which I highly recommend if you are ever in southern Arizona). I ran into a very knowledgeable docent at the museum who happens to be an avid birder. I asked why the late hummingbirds and the low population. She told me the drought in the southeast has prevented the hummingbirds from coming north this year. She told me I should continue putting out the food because I may have visitors I don't even know about and to be patient. This woman seemed very credible and has visited Ecuador to see the hummingbirds there. I hope this helps -- it sure helped me.

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That's interesting, and it may explain why we have more Hummers than normal this year. I'm in central VA.

I wonder if the pack I'm seeing in my yard got this far during an earlier, wetter spell, but can't move farther north because it has been so hot and dry.

My flowers are terrible this year because of the weather and the Hummers are keeping my feeders drained - we have to check them daily and refill them as needed.


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