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moosemac(Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME)November 10, 2012

I just pressure canned 1/2 pts of chicken vegetable soup folowing the half solids, half liquids rule. I have a 16 qt. Presto canner with the weights. I set it up, ran it at 10 lbs with the weight and it was jiggling along fine for 45 mins then it stopped. I suspect it must be out of water. I put 3 cups in as usual. I'm guessing that's the problem. I just pulled it off the burner for fear I'd ruin the canner.

So now I have 10-1/2 pint jars that have been processed 45 mins instead of 60. Do I refrigerate and eat them quick, freeze them or...do you think they were processed sufficiently given they are 1/2 pts?

And why do you think the water evaporated this time? I didn't do anything differently.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

- I put 3 cups in as usual. -

3 cups? Not 3 quarts or 3-4 inches as per the standard instructions? If you really only put in 3 cups then you have been VERY lucky to not run out of water often.

You can reprocess them since it has been less than 24 hours but do it for the full amount of time. Or you can freeze them or store in fridge and eat ASAP. But no they are not fully processed as is.

Your canner needs more water in it to begin with and for items with long processing times like this adding extra water never hurts. With 1/2 pint jars it does hurt if the water is at lid height or even higher.


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moosemac(Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME)

OMG Dave, you are right! Yup I put 3 cups instead of 3 quarts! I'm losing it! That's what I get for multitasking when I'm canning. I'm going to reprocess ASAP.

And I haven't even had a glass of wine yet. LOL Guess I might need one after this goof. LOL

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readinglady(z8 OR)

Just in case you aren't aware, to re-process you need to remove soup from jars and bring back to the boil then re-jar with fresh lids. It's a pain in the neck but well worth it to have a complete safely processed batch.


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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

3 quarts is not enough water. It needs to be at least 2-3 inches. When I have seen what 3 quarts looks like, it is not 3 inches deep.
Yep, need to reprocess all over for the full time.

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moosemac(Z5 NH / Z3-4 ME)

Thanks all. I did reprocess per Carol's instructions. I still can't believe I daffed out and made that mistake. Oh well...

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