Some garden pics

hummersteveJuly 13, 2008

By popular demand Im showing some of my garden. Some of my garden is not in full bloom as yet, but here is some of what I have.

in the very front is agastache tutti fruitti, hummers love this plant.

salvia coral nymph

salvia greggii stampede series

sal black and blue not flowering well as yet

salvia lady in red

cuphea david verity another favorite

sal greggii cherry chief

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Beautiful plants, hummersteve!!

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lovefornature(5B IL)

Thank you so much hummersteve for showing me your garden. It is beautiful!!!

Your black and blues look wonderful, I was just able to find some in my area to they only have about 6 blooms on them and are not very tall :)

Which plants are perennial that you have planted?? I love the tutti-frutti!!

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Beautiful pics, and great planting choices!

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Thanks everyone for your nice complements. Since I have taken these shots, the black and blue have really exploded, one plant has a dozen blooms on one stem. Of course the hummers around here are also feeder junkies.

LFN-- I too love the tutti fruitti as do the hummers. The TF are now 4ft tall and still growing , still shooting out flowering stems. I think all a person really needs in a garden to make hummers happy are the tutti fruitti and the black and blue. But I am having a daily battle with japanese beetles. They are really eating up the cuphea ignea.

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lovefornature(5B IL)

I heard that the JB loves Cuphea. I too am battling with them. Last year was my first year ever getting them and they completely defoliated one of my large trees before it got cold. Wish someone could come up with a way to handle these things.

I believe mine started coming around because of the large amount of Virginia Creeper I have in my yard. They go for that first.

Good luck with getting rid of those nasties, although I believe it is impossible once you get them, because of their breeding habits.

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LFN--- I think the beetles killed my elm tree last year. I just started having them last year too. I also believe once you get them you always will have them. Between those and wasps and hummers we have quite a time around here. I need to start getting up earlier in the morn. Believe it or not I have a feeder on my back porch that holds 40oz of liquid and it was about 1/3 full mon night after the hummers quit, well by noon they had all but drained it.

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lovefornature(5B IL)

WOW!! 40 oz. gone that quick, either you have lots of hummers or maybe even bats are visiting at nite. I am not an early bird either, I am a night owl or some call me a nocternal.

About JB's, my tree that was defoliated last year was a Maple (not the native one). It is a Crimson King planted before we moved here. It is not dead, but I know it is stressed and am wondering how few of years it has left. Although not native, it is an extremely beautiful rounded shade tree.

After the 1st discussion about JB's that we had, I got really paranoid and started reading posts on here. It is pretty saddening of what damage they can do. I think we need some more of those beneficials brought over here that kills them off.

Is the tutti frutti perennial? I need to start investigating where I can find this plant for next year :)

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LFN--- You mis read my post , it is a 40oz feeder but it was only third full, but still it was emptied between dawn and noon. No , I dont have any bats.

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