Removing roots from the wall

early_bird_2007December 4, 2011

Hi, everyone,

I have a problem - years ago I was stupid enough to plant nephthytis and other climber (don't know the name - very common) near the house wall and let them climb up. They grew to become a monsters and I thought it looks cool. Ha! Now I am trying to remove this jungle to paint the house. I thought it wouldn�t be a problem. The green stuff I removed easily but the roots... They are not green , they are kind of wooden and grew into the stucco, they don�t rot� Well, maybe they will in a few years. I scrubbed with knife, metal brush , I scrubbed the paint off the wall � the roots are still there in crevices. Is there some chemical I can use to dissolve organic matter without damaging stucco? Please help me if you have any ideas. And don�t make this mistake!

Thank you!


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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Besides removing the stucco I would just paint over it. My girlfriend did the same thing! She just leaves it there and paints all the other sides. What a mess!

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First of all - I apologize for "?1/2" - don't know why the post look like that.
I'll be doing pressure washing before painting, of course. But I was thinking about some stuff what can dissolve(or decompose ?) it. Like the stuff people use on tree stumps? What will it do to stucco?

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The pressure cleaning should remove most of them. There really isn't anything that will make them let go of their grip on the stucco. All you can do is wait for them to rot and fall off.

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early bird,

Those odd ball symbols in your text are caused when you cut and paste text. GW barely recognizes the English language, never mind the hidden symbols used by more modern text editors.


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When we first moved into our 1920's bungalow thirty years ago.....the North side of the house was covered in attached vines......

I used a propane torch and a putty knife to burn/scrape the "feet" from the wood trim and cement/asbestos shingles ....Of course the heat also removes the underlying paint.

It should work the same with traditional cement stucco.

The open flame with Lead paint issue is frowned upon these electric heat gun will soften the paint for easy scraping the roots.

I would NOT use this method if YOU have the modern EIFS stucco (ExteriorInsulationFinishingSystem) which includes a layer of foam that is easily damaged by heat.


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