Fall - Hoyas in Bloom

peanut01(7VA)October 23, 2011

I notice that Numms is a great example of a hoya that blooms like clockwork a certain time of the year. Are any other hoyas similar in this regard. Here is a pic of Numms...


Also I have a record number of hoyas in bloom for this time of year. All 4 of my Lacunosa are in bloom as well as both my DS-70.

Linearis is in bloom - First timer for me!!! Light fragrance citrusy as stated in the past.

Davidcummingii was too hard to photograph, but here is a pic of a Carnosa bud and the project plant that I am growing. Single Mindorensis leave that feel off in transit the middle of the summer. Lots of roots but no additional growth yet.

Brevialata is too but I didn't catch a good photo yet... I am just happy to finally maybe figure out how to grow this one.

In other plant news I just about brought in most of my plants. Here is the area that most my hoyas are overwintering.

Thanks for looking everybody and I will try not to stay away too long.

-David K

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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

Wow...your blooms are great. Your house must smell devine. What fertilizer have you been using this summer?

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Wow look at those blooms!!!! How beautiful, I hope that one day my hoyas will produce such plentiful flowers.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

David...Congrats! You have some amazing blooms and plants. Thanks for posting!


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Very nice David! You know my Hoya nummularioides never blooms for me but I sure wish it would seeing the photos you posted.

It looks like there is a seed pod on you Hoya lacunosa.


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Wow your numm is out of control! I didn't want one because I thought of the leaves as too plain and with my lack of space I was thinking that my criteria for admittance to my collection would have to be both foliage and flowers but I might be rethinking the numm now that I see yours!

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ohhh wanderful!!!!

you have fantastic hoyas!!!

how do you do for light???

is there only that window for all plants???

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David I was thinking that you could use mylar mounted on Styrofoam panels that hang behind your plants if you are concerned about light levels this winter. Even adding one compact fluorescent bulb along with the mylar panels will make a huge difference. I used this method in the past but then got tired of the fact that I could not see my plants or do some quick watering etc. so I took the front panels down.


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David, your indoor set-up is fantastic ! I have always admired your linearis, it is so long and beautiful. Many thanks for sharing !


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I am sure several of you will cringe when you hear my fertilization habits. I fertilize infrequently with MG Bloom Booster... Maybe twice this past summer. I use Superthrive in some watering... Maybe three times this summer. I do grow in an organic medium though. I also mixed Bio Tone Starter Plus which contains Mycorrhizae in with my mix. I usually freshen up my plants about every 2-3 years.

I have some seedpods on some of my Lacunosa. It is odd these seedpods formed indoors with no pollinators. I didn't notice any seedpods form while they were outside. I will be using Mylar in a basement grow room to fully use all the sun the one western exposure window provides.

Thanks for checking out my hoyas... There is also a window to the left of the frame and to the right as well. They are a little cramed at this time and I worry air circulation.

Thanks for checking out my pics. I built the stand for my hanging hoyas as well as the bleachers for my potted cuttings. I love excuses to grow plants or excuses to woodwork. Linearis is easily one of my favorites. I constantly play in it pretending it is hair.


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I think with the number of plants you own, it might be cheaper for you to move to the tropics. Then you could enjoy them the year around in bloom outside.

I don't know anyone who grows as much hoyas as that. And don't forget they will all turn into vines eventually (or pendant vines).

You should get an award for having to bring in all your plants for winter every year.

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David, that is a gorgeous numms. BTW the cutting you sent me is doing well, it even is budding up right now.


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