I saw a hummingbird in Baltimore!

tamela_star(Zone 7)July 15, 2013

I FINALLY saw a cute female ruby throated hummingbird stop by my feeders today. My neighbor has been seeing one in the morning. My son saw one visit around noon a few day ago, and this whole time I didn't get to see one myself until today! I'm so glad I finally saw it! She came over to the feeders but didn't take anything, flew to the other feeder and didn't drink anything and then she left. I change my feeders once a day when it's really hot like its been. I'm not sure why she didn't drink anything but I know in the mornings it's been drinking from it. I also keep my feeders in the shade. I hope to see her more often. They are the cutest birds!

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Great! Aren't hummingbird sightings so magical? I just got a feeder for the porch and as we eat our meals, we see the hummers just a few feet in front of us behind the sliding door. They even come to the sliding door when the feeder is empty and needs to be refilled :) So amazing!

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

One of my feeders is hanging from my porch too! I've seen many at my grandparents house in west Virginia but not in my own neighborhood. I saw her again last night around 8. I think it was the same bird. She was circling around a few times and flew away. I think the reason she didn't stop was because there were too many people on my porch. Hopefully she has a nest near by, so we can get even more hummingbirds soon!

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Here is a picture I took of it!

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I took these photos with my iPhone 4. They're not the best but its still amazing to capture one on camera!

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