I finally saw a hummer!

rudysmallfry(z6)July 25, 2007

I've lived in CT for decades and never seen a hummingbird. I was at a friends house over the weekend. They have a huge clump of what looks like Purple coneflower in there garden. It was a hummingbird magnet. Three different birds visited. The largest was about 3", while the smallest one almost looked like a bumble bee. All these years I've been hanging red feeders all over the yard. Needless to say, I stopped by the local nursery and bought some Purple Coneflower on the way home.

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Cool, I'm going to have to investigate this plant and see if it will fit into my garden space...how large was this plant? I am just now starting to see them at my (plastic and one other type feeders) it's so great to watch them. I'm sure that they will come to you too....I dont know if it was complete coincidence or not, but I had the same feeders out for a few weeks with the store bought RED STUFF in them...nothing!!! then I changed it out to the home made 4:1 sugar water combo...and THERE THEY WERE!!!

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I believe purple coneflower is also called Echinachia. I just thought it was ironic that I spend years planting and displaying red things while it was ultimately purple that they went nuts for.

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