hummers and crepe myrtles

mistymorgansJuly 27, 2007

I have a large pink crepe myrtle blooming right now, and it is the one blooming flower that I never see a hummingbird on. Is this a nectar-poor flower? I see about 10 hummers, and they hit on every blooming thing around here, and I have increased both the amount of feeders and flowers this year and it has truly paid off. Really just wondering if anybody knows about the crepe myrtle, Thanks, Jae

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Well, I planted crepe myrtles(5) in my yard simply because I love them, not knowing it would attract wildlife. This is the first year they have really bloomed heavily, they have been established for about 4 years now. I have always had butterflies and dragonflies feeding, but never had a hummingbird until this summer. Just today I saw 4 hummers all in the crepe myrtles. I think I will put some more feeders up as well. That is all my father does and he has about 20 hummers at his house.

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backyardmama(North Texas)

I love crepe myrtles and have 3 very large ones, but was under the impression the hummers weren't interested in them. I'm going to pay closer attention to that part of the yard. If the hummers do indeed like them, I'll plant more.

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Thanks for the input. I was just a little surprised that I never see hummers eating from the blooms, so was just wondering. Maybe to many bees on it? Oh well thanks again, J

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