hoya carnosa

marricgardensOctober 6, 2012

I received this plant in a trade as a cutting. When it arrived I put it in water but after a month, it still hasn't done anything. How long does it usually take for a hoya to root? Would dipping the stem in rooting hormone and potting it up in a soilless mix help? Marg

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I water root and it takes about two weeks for roots or sooner. I place the container in as warm of a place as I can and not worry about brightness/light. Just keep the water temp tepid and do add a weak dose of fertilizer such as fish emulsion, add water as evaporation takes place. I have never tried to root after that with a hormone someone else may have better advice than me. If the stem is woody it could take longer. ~ Mary

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Hi, I would add to what Mary wrote that if the cutting is woody then scrape an inch or two of the stem that is under water. You want to barely damage the outer layer of the stem. The damage will promote rooting in that area and really helps with old woody growth. Cheers, Robert

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I got a lot of carnosa cutting off my father a year back. Washed them and placed in a plastic bag, which was best for transport anyway. Every few days I'd wash the cuttings which refreshed the water and air in the bags. Within a couple of weeks they were a mass of roots and I planted them out. They'all all doing quite well now

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I'd make a fresh cut at the bottom of that stem (a 1/2 inch above the old cut) & then take the suggestions of the others. I believe it should have shown some water roots already.

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I did an experiment where I rooted in water a while back. After two weeks the water-only conditions still did not have roots. You can see what the cuttings looked like here.

Personally, I think it's better to root in soil, with Hoyas. But as you can see from the pictures, my water cuttings did eventually produce roots, so you can hang in there without making any changes.

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I successfully rooted a bunch of carnosa (KP) cuttings a couple months ago by dipping the bottom of the stems in rooting hormone and planting in clear Solo cups in plain old Farfad cactus & succulent mix because it was what I had on hand at the time.

Since then, I've watered and misted them with VF11 water. They are all alive, rooted, and healthy, and have varying degrees of new growth. One has grown like crazy and is even giving me a peduncle.

Good luck with yours!

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Thanks everyone for the advice. No signs of rooting yet but I did email the person I traded with and he said hoyas take longer to root in the fall than in the summer. I'm going to recut the end of the stem and remove the bottom leaves to expose the leaf nodes, put it back in water and hope for the best.

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Well, I spoke to soon. I went to snip of the end of the hoya and, lo and behold, there are teeny tiny roots starting! I'll leave it in water til better roots form and then pot it up. Can't wait for the first, fragrant flowers. Love the smell of them.

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