Hummingbird what kind did i see?

daycorpJuly 12, 2010

My authority on hummingbirds is watching them outside when drinking my coffee. I LOVE when I see one. Tonight, I saw one in our garden that I had mistaken for a bee at first glance. This hummingbird, as best I can describe, was the size of a goldfish at best. It did not have much color, and I thought to be even faster than the greenish one we normally see. It had very little color though. Forgive my ignorance if it's overflowing. But, I wasn't sure if this was a "baby" or what. It was tiny. Anyone know what I may have seen?

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Where are you? if you're in the east, you almost certainly saw a hummingbird moth. We've all been duped by this insect! really does look a lot like a hummingbird in flight, and nectars on the same flowers.

They come in various sizes and's one that might fit your bill.

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That is my guess also. I once had a great photo of one and I dumbly deleted it from my albums. It was the first time I had seen one , I was outside before daylight drinking my coffee and saw this thing in the flowers that knew could not be a hummer that I could barely make out , got a nightshot of it and later found that it was a hummingbird moth.

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I am in Northeast Ohio. It looks very much like the one I saw. I had my 1yr old in my arms, ran to get my video camera, I must not have had it recording properly trying to balance son, and camera... i was so upset I lost the video I thought I had. It was about 3-5 mins of REALLY good video too as I saw in through the camera. Is it possible it was the hummingbird moth in Ohio? It was extremely fast

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Seems likely in NE Ohio. They still dupe me!

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Funny, I just came across this post.My granddaughter is her(northern VA) from Tx and is enjoying my garden. Her mom said they saw what they thought was a hummingbird but looked like a moth since it had antenae but it's wings were beating like a hummingbird. My granddaughter called it a hummingbird moth and suggested we google it. Sure enough, that's what they saw. None of us had ever heard of it.

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