pool to pond....the decision

crueltyfre(Tampa 9a heat 10 sunset 26)December 7, 2011

the new swimming pool pump will be installed Friday.

The pond guys were talking thousands of dollars for pumps, another thousand for bridge, hundreds for paint and plants and such, and it was just getting too out of hand, especially at Christmas/tax season.

Thanks for all the input and advice everyone. I'm going to have to stick to my little beta pond for the time being.


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You have such aa gorgeous pool and back-yard, so peaceful and private, if you really have your heart set on a larger pond you could always expand your beta pond, maybe put a new one next to the old one and connect them and put a small bridge, sort of like Monet's, with a small filter if you needed it, would not be expensive like converting the big pool.....or maybe build some rocks at the end toward the fence and put a small pump there for a water-fall, coming down over the rocks.... so many options and ideas, that changing the big pool is not needed.... sally

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ibarbidahl(9 (tampa-ish))

Well, it's a shame that they have dissuaded you so easily. It should not be so expensive to turn your pool into a pond, especially where your goal is not for it to be extensively for fish husbandry. :-(

I'm sorry.

On the sunny side - a new swimming pump shouldn't bee too expensive and before you need to remarcite (you mentioned it will need it sooner rather than later) you can revisit this idea.

I'm sure that one day you'll get your larger pond. :-)


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This is a great idea. I saw some conversions before on the web and TV but no ideas about costs. You could maybe simply start with those little fished that clean the water and go from there.

It seems to be anywhere from $3k to $50+k.

Some cool links that you may have already seen:

All labor and little money:


A little money and lots of labor:

Some cool pics:

Best in your deciding.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool to POnd conversion

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