Should I be concerned?

lovinglifeinohOctober 5, 2013

I just received my first hoya plants, which I purchased online. To my disappointment, two of them have spots on their leaves (please see photos). Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple has more spots, Carnosa Tricolor has couple spotted leaves. Otherwise they seem to be healthy. Since I am not very experienced, I would appreciate if you could help me out here - should I be concerned? Should I cut these leaves off? Or should I return the plants altogether?

Also, all three hoyas were planted in simple plastic containers. The are little bit "wobbly" in their pots, not firmly planted. The potting soil seems to be quite loose around their roots. Would it be safe to repot them (I would like to repot them in clay pots) or should I leave them alone at least until spring? Or until root-bound?

We used to have a hoya plant in our home when I was growing up. I remember how large it grew on a sunny window and how it bloomed. This memory (and many of your posts here!) made me to want to have my own little hoya collection :) I do want to do things right, though, from the very beginning. Thank you in advance for advice!

Ok, it seems I'm only allowed to post one picture. I'll post Tricolor picture in another post.

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Leaves are not always perfect. A lot depends on where they came from, too. Were they grown outside? If so, there are SO many things that can cause leaf damage. Anything from a peck by a bird to wind blowing something into the leaf and bruising it. And even for us mostly indoor growers, we have imperfect leaves, too. Let your plant grow and see how it does. I'm betting everything will be fine.

I always repot my new Hoyas because I know how to water with MY mix, whereas someone else's mix might be quite different.

Denise in Omaha

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1 leaves; as Denise noted depends of growing conditions, all mine are grown outside, so a lot of damage caused by bugs, rain, wind a bit too much of sun or a squirrels using my pots as a pantry! None-less, although not perfect my plants are healthy and look like hoyas in the wild! ;)
2 pots; I guess it's personal preference and conditions. I have only couple in clay, rest in plastic pots. With 90 degree temperatures clay just goes dry way to fast, and watering 30 pots 4 times a week is just to much!
3 soil; loose soil is good, check archives, hoyas need fast drying airy soil. It is loose most likely due to shipping.
Repoting is up to you, that soil worked for grower who sent you plants, it may work (or not) in your conditions. If you have personal favorite mix you use for other plants, go for it, for sure I would not repot into some standard peat based mix from the store, and keep them in the same size pots unless root bound.
AS always it is my opinion, it works for me in my conditions!

Good luck with your plants!


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