Blue Crown Crock to make saukerkraut

clearwaterproNovember 9, 2010

I bought a 5 gal. Blue Crown Crock at an auction. There are no cracks in it. It has a brown coating inside with no scratches or gouges. I made sauerkraut in it. After a couple weeks, the crock started "sweating" and I had to place it in a plastic container to keep it from ruining my floor. Salt condensed on the outside of the crock, as well. The liquid brine level inside also seemed to slowly diminish, as if the contents were leaching through the walls of the crock, and I had to add some salt brine to it. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the crock coating? Thanks.

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I had a bean pot that did that. There were hairline cracks in the glaze inside and out. It seemed as if the liquid from the beans was leaching through. I threw the pot out. Those cracks could have formed when the pot was fired -- it's called crazing, I figured it would have taken a lot of use for the gunk to come all the way thru.

Ceramicists are advised not to use crazed goods for food... it's impossible to clean out those cracks, even in the dishwasher.


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I wouldn't use it for food, but I wouldn't throw it out either. I'm sure you can use it for magazines, kindling, something. I have a 10-gal crock from my Dad that I use by the front door for umbrellas.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

This is typical for old crocks. Another problem is that there's no way to determine if those old glazes contain lead. For those reasons, it's better not to risk using old crocks for food preparation.


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