What the rot?

ohmybloomers(7a)October 9, 2012

OK, I'm eating my words about having not lost a hoya yet... H. pottsii Chiang Mai hasn't really thrived since I got her a couple months ago, and now appears to be rotting. In an abundance of caution - because I found mealies on a few hoyas - I BATS'ed everything about 9-10 days ago (though I didn't have mealies on this one). Haven't watered since.

A few days ago, several of her leaves first began looking limp, then began to turn brown at the point where the leaf meets the stem (botanical morphological term unknown!), then began to wither. I've chopped off part in an attempt to save something, but I'm not hopeful.

Do you have any opinions on what may have happened? Could it be just the BATS? Did it perhaps just arrive a bit unhealthy and didn't recover (same order as the calistophylla that was rotted when I got it). Does it not like the change in weather - though it's been inside in a bright window ever since I got it? I don't THINK I ever over-watered it, but could that be it? Does it just not like me? Dang, all my other hoyas LOVE me... ;-) Well, OK, some more than others...

Thanks, as always - I value every word y'all say. If it weren't for you all, I'd have 59 dying hoyas instead of just one. Sorry no photo - I'm at work, but hope I've described this well enough.

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Was your plant exposed to cold and wet conditions? This Hoya is from an area of Northern Thailand that experiences a distinct dry season. Being cold and wet at this time of year is the last thing that it would want. For the fall and winter this one wants to be warm, bright light, and allowed to dry out.
There is of course a good chance that it was not established yet and the root system was suffering.


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I'll bet it is water-related after all. I think I may have BATSed it too soon after another watering. But I was so paranoid about them durn mealies. My other hoyas survived BATSing just fine, but they didn't arrive as stressed as this one did. I don't think it's been too cold - it's at least 68 in my house all the time. Yep, I'll bet it's the water.

Also thanks, Mike, for the tip about getting the air moving. I now have a fan lightly moving the air around all the time, and they all seem happier now because of it (except for this one!).

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I have this Hoya, and I really love it. It's fast-growing and generally tolerant. However, it does seem to react VERY quickly to any sort of environment change. We had a rainy patch here about a month ago where it rained so much...and the leaves started showing that stress off.

Is there anything else you can use besides BATS? I've never used it, but if you put them outside for the summer you may be helping to kill some important pollinators. You can easily make a mix that won't kill anything else.

What you were trying to describe is the leaf axil.

Hoyas can rot for many reasons and sometimes over seemingly nothing at all. You can try to supplement the light with a daylight bulb.

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Hi OMB! I have this hoya in 68 degrees, keep it dryer and in a southeast facing window. I would let it go dry again and hang in there for it to recover. I do not use BATS but regularly mist with a soapy water mix of the detergent free dish soaps such as Palmolive, in a shower or tub all at once or batches, air dry and return to their home places, monthly. Pests are relentless and require a lot of patience to get rid of. Good Luck! Thanks to Mike D and his suggestions regarding seasonal requirements in natural habitats. Once I learned this things got easier. He has good advice along with others on the forum! ~ Mary

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Maybe I overreacted with the BATS - a mealie rode in on one plant and I thought I'd gotten it with alcohol swabbing. Then when I realized it had spread to a couple other plants and that just soap-spraying wasn't stopping it, I freaked out (quietly, of course) and had visions of losing all my beautiful new plants and just dropped the big BATS bomb.

All my hoyas are inside till next year - we even have a frost warning tonight. But I'll switch to the preventive method of soap-spraying once a month instead of waiting till I have to drop a bomb.

Thank you!! --Lesley

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