Buddha hand jelly?

timothina(7a)November 10, 2012

Hi. Our local grocery store had buddha hands, at a really great price! I am candying them, according to David Lebovitz's recipe:


The people here:


said they would use the blanching liquid for jelly. Any recommendations on how to make buddha hand jelly would be highly appreciated.

Two further questions: would it be possible to can the candied buddha hand in syrup?

Also, does this guy look safe:



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We're your fruit clean before you blanched? You don't want to use dirty blanching water.

Taste your blanching water. Do you like the taste? You can try adding a bit if sugar to a Tblsp of liquid - that will give you an idea of what the jelly will taste like.

What are your concerns with the recipe you posted. It's a basic marmalade recipe.

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Thank you for answering. I don't know what the basic marmalade recipes are, so I just wanted to check that it is safe.
Now that I know it is, I am looking forward to making some.

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