The will to live

sally_growerMay 18, 2012

2 years ago, in November, we had a sun room added to our home. Unfortunetley it went over the top of a large hosta bed with about 50 hostas. It was too cold to try to save them, so......sob sob......a very heavy layer of black plactic was laid down and then 8 inches of rock dumped on top of them!! The room is about 6 feet off of the ground and it is enclosed with latice and is used for storage of lawn furniture.

Fast forward to Spring. I go under the room and there to my astonishment are several big hosta eyes coming through the rocks. I tried the pull back the rock and dig them out but they were just too far down. So last year, they were very large, this year coming back lots smaller and next year, I'm sure they won't even try.

Isn't it amazing the will for them to live!

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You've just admitted to hosta genocide...we will not have to shun you. I'm sorry. :)


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Would have been cleverer if I had spelled now correctly - :)

You'll have to ask Ken if this tops his driveway.


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Oh, now I get it! We'll "NOW have to shun" her.

Seriously Paul, it is amazing how the submit button can be such an enemy! That being said, I now add "just teasing" B4 I "submit".

The only force stronger than a hostas will to live is the latent power of a silver maple root!


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Sally, that's the saddest story I've heard all day. Maybe all week.

Perhaps that area can be used as a Hostacaust Museum with a big hypertufa hosta leaf standing proud in the midst of the rocks.

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I would have delayed the sun room until spring, when all involved hosta could be relocated. No wonder my family thinks I am nuts. I do like moccasinlanding's idea for the Museum.

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