Got humming birds at my feeder

Kristy AsaoJuly 16, 2014

At first the local humming birds didn't come around it. It took awhile. Now I have plenty of humming birds that love to come to my feeder. I just have a feeder. My garden's more for butterflies since that's what started the garden thing for me.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Hello, Protego! You'll find that hummingbirds and butterflies enjoy lots of similar plants. They both feed on nectar sources, and hummingbirds hunt for small insects that are attracted to the nectar sources as well. I'm so glad you are enjoying gardening. It will be a therapeutic escape you can take advantage of for the rest of your life.


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Kristy Asao

Thanks alot! ^__^

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I noticed you're in zone 9. Hummingbirds love lantana, especially the tall bushy ones, such as Miss Huff and Dallas Red. I had some sort of uncultivated species of lantana here in SC Kansas. The Red Throated Hummers are attracted to them. Enjoy your gardens and the humming birds that visit them.

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