Native Honeysuckle Questions

lovefornature(5B IL)July 12, 2008

I purchased John Clayton (it is not big enough to bloom yet). I also went out and purchased a wooden trellis....but I have a huge problem. I am very picky about the way things look, I guess I have OCD when it comes to this.

I was going to place the trellis in my 19' long x 8 1/2' deep flower bed. The problem is that this is a raised bed and right behind it is the dog-eared fence enclosing my back yard. The trellis is about 10 inches taller than the fence and I just feel this would look way too tacky. I have placed it up against the fence and very weird looking since the backdrop is shorter.

This will be placed in my front yard. Am I being too picky or does anyone have any other suggestions. The dog-eared fence behind is only about 4 1/2' ft. tall.

I thought about a fan type trellis but I am not sure this is the answer. Also thought about adding shepherds hooks on each side of the trellis, shrubs would just take too long.....hummmm.

Please help and thanks all :)

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LFN-- Im afraid Im not much help in this area, I have one coral honeysuckle which is its second year and I have it braced on a 4 ft trellis which is tied to a yard light. I had trimmed this guy back to far early this year but it is now coming out of it and flowering well. I have taken cuttings from it which are doing pretty well but I will have the same problem as you figuring out how to fix the right support for any of those next season. So I too will be waiting for right answers to your question.

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lovefornature(5B IL)

Hi Hummersteve: Thanks for responding, I hope we find some answers. Some of our yards are pretty challenging :)

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How far from the fence will the trellis be positioned in the raised bed? If there is a little bit of distance, the visual effect would probably be fine. Have you thought about planting the honeysuckle against the fence, and using the trellis for something else?

I used to have a picket fence which was covered with a thick blanket of honeysuckle (mounded on top of the fence). Passersby were always complimenting me on the way it looked. I did have to do freequent trimming to keep it looking neat, but it was very pretty.


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