Leaf Notcher Weevils revisited

teka2rjleffel(z10FL)December 9, 2011

I apologize is this seems obvious. But I tried something I hadn't before. I have had these nasties on my roses for a year or more. Nothing kills them. So I just pick them off and squish them. Today I thought of a hard spray on the roses to knock them down. I don't like to get the leaves wet because it causes fungus issues and my roses bloom a lot and it knocks the blooms off. Today it rained so they were already wet and not many are blooming now. The hard spray knocked them down and seemed to stun them so they didn't immediately start to burrow. They were easy to catch. But I no longer can maintain my illusion that I only have a few. There were bunches. But those are all dead now.


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Have you tried Sevin or some other insecticide prior to bloom time and also on the soil?
Bayer makes some systemics you spray on the plants.

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Don, I used everything that I could find including the $100 a bottle stuff. I even had a pest control company come out and they said nothing would kill them, they had no known predators. So I've just been picking and squishing since then.

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Hi there! I spray them little ***** directly with rubbing alcohol. It kills them sometimes instantly, sometimes it takes a bit until you hear the pop from the fall. This way I can at least keep the numbers down. I'm not sure if there are not some kind of nematodes which would kill the larvae in the ground, haven't investigated that yet.

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Subtrop, that is good news that something kills them. Does the alcohol damage the plants at all?

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I've found that a mix of straight alcohol with some Dawn will kill lots of critters, and very few plants are harmed by that strong a mix.... it doesn't bother roses at all...try some on a corner or a single branch.... seems the alcohol dries out the bug and the Dawn holds it on the bug so it works longer....I just mix it up in an old Clorox Clean-up or Windex spray-bottle .... el cheapo... sally

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Thanks Sally, do you have these nasty little bugs over your way? I will give your method a try.

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Actually I use the alcohol on all my garden pests and it doesn't harm any of my plants. And better than water it evaporates way faster, so the leaves are not forever wet.
Also I noticed, since I use a cold pressed neem oil mixed with water and soap, I do have less on the tree I regularly spray. On my passion fruit I can't spray with the neem oil and the weevils just munch happily away as usual.

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