stoc zone 6 swedenMay 25, 2014

I don't know what else to call it.I am a newbie and this is my 2nd year--it has been so exciting the past few days,we have had lots of warm weather and sun.I swear the hostas are growing from morning to evening,is this possible?

We get a lot of light this time of year and soon we will have almost 24 hours(Stockholm,Sweden).So don't know if this growth rate is normal or what.I am very happy with how big some of my 2nd year plants are and a lot are still unfurling.

Here is a pic of Great Expectations.


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stoc zone 6 sweden

A pic of Abliqua Drinking Gourd

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Jon 6a SE MA

I remember your gardens from last year James. The GE and Gourd are looking great. You should have some really nice gardens as the Summer goes on


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The Gourd with sunlight backlighting it, has a mosaic tiled look to the leaf. Never observed that before. You have a fine camera.

When you have one of those 24 hour days, when do you sleep?
Do you have a twilight to go take pictures? Do you have a DAWN?

Never thought about the length of day affecting the annual growth and maturity of the hosta, but I suppose you have the cooler version of a longer day such as we have here...only HOTTER. I'll have to meditate on that subject for a while.

Perhaps the longer growing season (for us) can add up to more age/maturity for the hosta? And with your longer day (albeit a shorter growing season), they grow more quickly as well....with more maturity a possibility as well.

Interesting concept.

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They are lovely interspersed with the pansies.


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I love the light & shadows in your pics. I've discovered just in the past three years of extreme weather events that my hostas DO NOT always grow at the same rate year after year. Last year my normally well-behaved Dream Weaver, Revolution and a few others grew to double their size of previous years. This year yet another 'old faithful' is already twice the size it grew in the previous 8 years.

This growth explosion wouldn't be an issue if I'd allotted them sufficient space in the garden to accommodate their super-sizing behavior.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

wouldnt that be:


so what your point.. you want me to welcome you to the club ...

i am on the 9th step of getting over it ... so all i can say at this point is... you are sick ...

or is that sijck??


ps: thx for the pix


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Ken...LOL...HostaJasm...Yjes...LOL...You are crazy...My compliments to your insanity/whatchacallit...

Don B.

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bragu_DSM 5

can we say that here?

you guys make gardening sound ... dirty ....I mean ... soily


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stoc zone 6 sweden

That would be utlösning. What are you over? Don't get it?
I was just wondering if growing a lot in one day happened for everybody.

Mocc-just a simple Canon camera.I got lucky just pointed and shot as the view finder is so small on that camera that I need reading glasses to use it,which I didn't have on me.

Right now it's getting dark around 10:30.We will reach a peak around midsummer at the end of June. It is really kind of magical as I guess you could call it twilight around 11 at night,the sky has that twilight feel, the sun can start coming back around 1 in the morning.Right now 3:00 am full sun like it's noon.
Black out shades and curtains help.
I do feel a bit soily now.
For you Ken I feel soijy.

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

I have heard that in Alaska they are able to grow giant vegetables because of the almost constant daylight during the summer. I wonder if that holds true for other plants growing bigger also?


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jadie88(7 MD)

Beautiful! They sure are loving that summer sun.

My family is from Norway, and every couple of years we go back to visit aunts, uncles, and cousins. Those endless summer days truly are magical! I told my cousin I think it is the most beautiful place in the world, and she said it's only because I'm not there for the endless nights of winter. :) The good with the bad, right?

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Stoc, the 9th step is the 9th of 12 steps....the AA program for addiction recovery. But, you know about that..... I interpret it to mean he is on the way to recovery, 9th step, and you are still in the throes of addiction? Color me addicted too!

Jadie, it is always a trade off it seems. You pays your money and takes your choice. My DH loves the longer growing season down south, better than the ice and snow of New England. However, he finds, especially so this week, that the trade off is hot humid strength-sapping days with lots of mosquitos--and quite a variety of soil borne disease in the garden.

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