Uninvited guests at the feeder !

bouquet_kansas(z6Ks)July 2, 2009

I recently purchased a feeder and hung it from our arbor.

After only one day there were ants climbing the wooden posts and making their way to the sweet nectar in the feeder.Any suggestions on stopping them ? No hummers have arrived yet.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Use an ant moat filled with plain water. The ants won't go near the water. Works like a charm you can buy one or make your own out of a small container like an aerosol pain can cap, or small single serving size vegetable can. Small birds like chicadees or goldfinches also like to drink the water out of ant moats so you may have to refill it but since you are using plain water it is perfectly safe.


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I agree with Penny, ant moats work well for me as well. I make my own out of spray container caps, super glue, and coat hanger wire. But you can buy them as well.
My finches will drink my ant moats dry in a day if I dont mix some dish wash soap with the water (They have a lake close by for water).
There are lots of posts on this forum about help with ants if you want to search. Good luck.

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Perky Pet rose petals feeder has the ant moat built into it. Just a thought, but if you make your own its cheaper of course.

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Thanx all of you for the idea of the moat...will make one soon.......


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