I'm a parsnip serial killer.

denninmi(8a)November 7, 2011

OK, so I dug just ONE about 2 weeks ago, because I moved back a little of the soil around the crown just to see how wide the shoulders were, since it had a really big top. Then, I had to dig it, just to see how big it was (actually, only about a foot long, wide and stubby like a Danvers carrot, must be "Hollow Crown").

I said "I can stop any time I want to."

But, then I fried it up with some sliced onion. Oh, it was so good.

Now, I have dug again. I couldn't stop at one or two.

I dug about 8 of them yesterday. I'm going to cook them tonight.

I know, I should wait until late March, when the soil thaws, they'll be SO sweet and succulent.

But, I can't help myself.

Please, help me, before I dig again. ;-)

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Don't be bragging you're a serial killer. You've killed a dozen adults but I've killed 1,000 plus parsnip "babies" (seeds) over the past couple of seasons trying to grow the damd things.

I can grow just about anything except parsnips. I've reconciled myself to the fact that I have to get my fix from a local farm.

Congratulations on growing a crop you can raid! Initial guilt passes once they hit the tongue ;-))

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oh no ... now you have me thinking about digging some parsnips before the ground freezes.

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val_s(z5 central IL)

You know, I've never had a parsnip. Can you describe the taste and how you cook it? I'm always on the look out for another veggie to try and get my family to eat.


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Why wait till March?
We are digging and eating our's right now. In a couple of days we'll dig the lot and make soup with apples, for canning, then freeze some as well.
We sow late March, keep watered well during the year, and dig before the snow flies.

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To my palate, parsnips are a blend of carrot and Rutabaga.

They grow like carrots but have earthy Rutabaga or Turnip tones.


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Mmmm, parsnips. I was just sitting here thinking of making a stew with parsnips! Even my dogs like parsnips!
I've never tried growing them, I suspect it's tricky in AZ. I'm still trying to get carrots figured out. Our produce store usually has decent ones, thankfully. I've never seen anyone else buy them.

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My children use to say I do not care what you grow but always grow Parsnips.

I was just wondering if anyone still grows Salsify [oyster plant]? Makes great soups or stews when used with other vegetables.

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I tried growing salsify but if it would germinate at all, it only got to be a very thin root, like 1/8" thick or less. Does it like hot conditions better to grow in?

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