Dollar weed lawn - help!

sis3December 29, 2011

Our back yard, St Augustine grass beneath huge cypress trees, has always had a slight dollar weed problem. However at the moment the dollar weed has almost completely taken over from the grass, we have never seen it so bad. The yard has a high water table, so we never irrigate it. We have to be very careful with chemicals as the yard fronts a lake.

Has anyone found a successful way of controlling this weed? Has anyone experimented with baking powder? Organic methods would be preferable but we will probably have to consider others. I have read up on the subject but would love the benefit of your experiences.

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Good Luck, dollar weeds loves wet feet and if it's wet enough for cypress the dollar weed are loving it.

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alys_esmond(9b Orlando)

Call it pennywort, edge the area with decorative stone, declare it ground cover and plant some lilies...

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It's green, it doesn't send up nasty seed heads, and it is damn hard to kill... Sounds like the perfect lawn to me! :)

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I've been successful using Atrazine. The problem lately is that the manufacturers have been mixing it with other herbicides. Ace hardware is about the only place I've found it. You must follow directions, not spraying unless you have 5-7 days of no rain, etc. I use a hand sprayer and treat only the weeds I see. It will take some time but it can be controlled.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Image is good. But you have to be careful when you use either Atrazine or Image. Read the label carefully.
Image really hits the St. Augustine that's why you should use it per instructions and when the grass starts growing. Atrazine has been diluted seriously since the new restriction passed.
All that said, here is the punchline.
I have a container of newly purchased Image in the closet waiting for spring. But I called a service today. I can't take the dollar weed anymore. The services use something that we cannot get that works at this time of year.

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Thanks everyone for the benefit of your experiences!

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Bob, do you know WHAT the product is that the services use?

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Funny, in my long ago childhood the big houses on the intracoastal across the street from our little cottage all had pennywort lawns. They looked great and didn't need to be sprayed all the time, although they did need weeding.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Not sure, thought it could be Blade or Manor, but then I read the article in the link below.
Manor is expensive stuff.
I had 2 services out. They are really expensive. One more will come out on Tuesday for a price. After that I may do it myself.
I get the feeling from chats that they may even use Atrazine sometimes, like now, maybe since you can treat with that product in the winter. Image has to be used when the grass is growing.
Anyway it you come to any conclusions after reading the article, let us know.

Here is a link that might be useful: See the chart regarding dollarweed control

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Hope this attaches to the dollar weed post.
Re: Atrazine, I would like to know what % solution they use on St. Augustine. Before the gov diluted it so much for us home users, I bought pretty strong stuff. They are getting the "professional" potency. Example, AATREX 4L is 42.6%.
If I knew the max St.Augustine could tolerate I would bump up the mix.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4L

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bugbite(z9a FL)

If my calculation is correct, looks like UoF used .75 oz per 1000 sq at 42.6% atrazine in the article I posted(near botton under "methods"). (2 pints per acre). Anyone want to recalculate? If you have 4% atrazine you can calculate it from there.

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