some blooms and garden critters

marcia_m(5 and 9)December 9, 2011

I took some photos of blooms and critters in my garden today because I'm afraid when we get back here in January, things might look a lot different (if there are heavy frosts!).

Some blooms on my dombeya


This calliandra bush was frozen nearly to the ground the last two winters. It is probably more than 10 feet wide now.

The blue sky vine on my arbor. I understand this will get frozen back but will grow back.

Bleeding heart vine, from Lowe's reduced plants shelf. I'd like to get the white and red one but don't know where I'd plant it.

A jasmine

Have seen only the brown anoles here. This one lives in a small fountain that I don't have set up with a pump

Cape honeysuckle planted around my well pump. My overzealous lawn guy had whacked this to the ground so it is only 2 feet high now.

Another bargain plant--3 gallon for $3

This guy (girl?) isn't doing a very good job of keeping something from eating the leaves.

Another young bougie

Crown of thorns from cutting from Dirtygardener

I'm hoping the winter doesn't kill this cassia to the ground. It is pruned into a tree form

Some roses--Louis Phillipe

Duchess de Brabant

I forget the name of the yellow daisy-like plant and firespike.

Planted in the spring, Golden Goddess bamboo has sent up two tall culms this season.

I have a few more things with a few flowers on them, but I'll wait to take photos when they are blooming more--if they don't croak in the meantime!


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Great photos.

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Thanks so much for posting photos! Your plants look happy and healthy.
We have many of the same things - I love the caliandra, and while mine didn't freeze back, it is still huge and now loaded with buds. I love the foliage.
The daisy is a bush daisy - good bloomer.
My sky vine dies back each winter (even after the cold wind we had a few days ago, it's starting to brown) but impossible to kill and aren't the blooms lovely?
Keep up with the pics!!

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Marcia, you have so much color for this time of year! Great pics, and I absolutely love the calliandra- plan on getting one of those sometime when I see it. Your dombeya looks quite beautiful despite what you said recently. I agree, keep posting, we need more eye candy (as CindeeA would say- where has she been anyway?).

The firespike/bush daisy combo is really pretty too.


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zzackey(8b GA)

Thanks for sharing! I needed a lift in my spirits. Plants will always do that for me. Any word lately on how Dirty Gardener is doing? She was trying to sell her plants and moving the last I heard. Lost her kitty. I feel so bad for her. I'd be lost without my kitty cat-Zackey.

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stuartwanda(N. Stuart)

Very pretty Marcia. You've done a great job with your yard!
Anna, CindeeA is on FB now, doesn't post here much if at all.

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Marcia, I'm so glad that cutting took! I ended up giving that huge plant in front away, because nobody would buy it. It broke my heart to have to do, but I just couldn't leave it there. Luckily, most all of the plants got taken after I left by a friend's grandmother, and she said if I ever wanted starts, she'd be happy for me to come get them, but I have no room here, and it's too cold for most of that stuff.

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marcia_m(5 and 9)

Thank you for the nice comments. I guess I am a 'plant collector' instead of someone who plants with landscaping and such in mind. I like what I like :)

I enjoy taking photos and sharing them, Katkin. I especially like taking 'bug on flower' photos.

Anna, if you have room for a large, spreading, needs-no-care plant, a calliandra is for you! The bees love it.

Hester, thanks for the name of the yellow daisy. I had one last year but it didn't survive the winter, but I had to plant another one.

Zackey, I'm happy to share my garden via GW. I know what you mean about getting a lift from seeing others' gardens. Of course, that leads to more plant 'wants!'

Wanda, thanks for the compliment. I'm still learning by trial and error. As gardeners know, a plant that dies is another opportunity to try something else! As snowbirds, I have tried to plant some things that I have read will bloom in the fall, winter and spring vs. summertime when we're not here.

I think everything you shared with me is still living, DG. I'm grateful for your generosity. I hope you will soon find a sunny place to live that you will enjoy more than your present conditions.

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marcia_m(5 and 9)

I forgot to mention that the 'Louis Philippe' rose was shared with me by Thonotorose. Thank you! It's doing great.

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Beautiful !

I now have rain barrel envy, nice set up !

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Great pics and beautiful flowers, Marcia. Many of the plants you show are hummingbird plants. Do you get some visits by hummers? I would think that this time of year you should get some.

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marcia_m(5 and 9)

Hi, Cocoabeachlorax. I wanted rain barrels and I have my DH to thank for them--he is handy. I might talk him into putting in one on another downspout. You can't have too much rainwater for watering in the winter.

Thanks, Tom. I wish I had some hummers but haven't seen one yet. I'm hoping they'll find my garden some day. I have them in my PA garden in the summertime and put out 3 feeders in different locations because they are so quarrelsome. But I enjoy seeing them.

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Pretty flowers. I love all the pink.

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