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greedygh0stOctober 15, 2010

Everyone's always looking for Hoya recommendations, so I thought maybe we could put our heads together and compile a BIG list of the best of the best.

For any awards ceremony there needs to be categories and I'd love everyone's recommendations for any of the following categories:

Best Small Growing Hoya

Best Large Leaf Hoya

Best Warmth Loving Hoya

Best Cool Growing Hoya

Best Flower Hoya

Best Leaf Hoya

Best Fragrance Hoya

Best Fast-Blooming Hoya

Best Growth Habit Hoya

Best Unusual Hoya

I'm going to ponder my own answers and get back to you...

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I should emphasize, I think, that the primary purpose of this thread is to generate as many recommendations per category as possible. That way it will be useful to anyone looking for a particular characteristic in future acquisitions.

So, if your passion is small growing Hoyas and you have 10 favorites, don't feel like you should only list your favorite, maybe just STAR your favorite. ^_^

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Jan Sword

Best Small Growing Hoya..
H obscura ...*
H mathilde...*
H lacunosa
H heuskeliana...*
DS 70...*
H camphorifolia
H retusa...*
H nummulariad...*

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Best Small Growing Hoya--kanyakumariana,heuschkeliana,thomsonii

Best Large Leaf Hoya--polystachya IML 1410,lambii,latifoli IML 88

Best Warmth Loving Hoya--mindorensis,patella

Best Cool Growing Hoya--pauciflora,obovata

Best Flower Hoya--LAMBII,subcalva,vitiensis

Best Leaf Hoya--lambii,polystachya IML 1410,

Best Fragrance Hoya--obscura,lambii,heuschkeliana yellow

Best Fast-Blooming Hoya--lacunosa (any clone),

Best Growth Habit Hoya--incrasatta,obscura,lacunosa,I could go on and on in this category but i'll stop with what I have listed!!!

Best Unusual Hoya --linearis,retusa,pauciflora

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Best Small Growing Hoya: cv. Mathilda, inconspicua

Best Large Leaf Hoya: macrophylla

Best Cool Growing Hoya: polyneura

Best Flower Hoya: all the pubicalyx cultivars, fungii, meliflua, macgillivrayii and related species...

Best Leaf Hoya: macrophylla (again), onychoides, callistrophylla, pretty much all the variegated species!

Best Fragrance Hoya: pubicalyx 'Pink Silver', lacunosa

Best Fast-Blooming Hoya: shepherdii, shepherdell, minibelle

Best Growth Habit Hoya: macgillivrayii,

Best Unusual Hoya: mitrata

Denise in Omaha

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Jan Sword

Ok, I had too many small hoyas. hehe

Best Large Leaf Hoya--lambii,latifolia
Best Warmth Loving Hoya--mindorensis
Best Cool Growing Hoya--obovata
Best Flower Hoya--subcalva, mndorensis
Best Leaf Hoya--Var macrophylla
Best Fragrance Hoya--obscura,heuschkeliana yellow
Best Fast-Blooming Hoya--lacunosa, obscura
Best Unusual Hoya --retusa

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Best Small Growing Hoya �" Hoya tsangii, Hoya parvifolia, Hoya DS-70, Hoya cv Mathilde, Hoya patella

Best Large Leaf Hoya �" Hoya polystachya, Hoya lambii, Hoya cleminsorianum

Best Warmth Loving Hoya �" Hoya lautherbachii, Hoya cleminsorianum,Hoya imperalis

Best Cool Growing Hoya �" Hoya shepherdii, Hoya serpens, Hoya carnosa

Best Flower Hoya �" Hoya lambii, Hoya blashernazii, Hoya macgillivrayi

Best Leaf Hoya �" Hoya polystachya, Hoya callistophylla, Hoya caudata

Best Fragrance Hoya �" Hoya lambii, Hoya sp Palawan 9057

Best Fast-Blooming Hoya �" Hoya shephardii, Hoya lacanosa

Best Growth Habit Hoya �" Hoya lambii, Hoya imbricata

Best Unusual Hoya - Hoya imbricta, Hoya mitrata, Hoya darwinii


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Great question G.G.....sure looking forward to your response, too!!

Best Small Growing Hoya: endaunesis, serpens, kanyakumariana, picta, cv.'Mathilde', curtisii, panchoi

Best Large Leaf Hoya: polystachya, tjadasmalangensis, glabra, vitellinoides, sp. 910307, rigida

Best Warm Loving Hoya: patella, siariae, inflata, cv. 'Ruthie'

Best Cool Growing Hoya: longifolia, shepherdii, linearis, polyneura, serpens

Best Flowering Hoya: camphorifolia, multiflora, lacunosa's, obscura, finlaysonii 'large leaf', bicknellii

Best Leaf Hoya: vitellinoides, polystachya, caudata, finlaysonii 'Ripple leaf', glabra, tjadasmalangensis, lambii, villosa

Best Fragrance Hoya: finlaysonii 'Ripple Leaf', cv. 'Mathilde', obscura

Best Fast-blooming Hoya: multiflora, obscura, finlaysonii 'Large Leaf', bicknellii, camphorifolia

Best Growth Habit Hoya: vitelina, diversifolia, scortechinii 'yellow blooming', elliptica, bhutanica, chlorantha, incrassata, fitchii

Best Unusual Hoya: mitrata, retusa, linearis, krohniana, lambii, platycaulis, subquintuplinervis


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