hummers vs. wasps ...?

vieja_gw(z7NM)July 31, 2007

The wasps come to the hummer feeder & take over ... the hummers try to 'dive bomb' them but then seem to give up. Will the wasps sting the hummers, how can I keep the wasps away? The feeder is near the fish pond & the wasps also are all over the pond surface getting the water ... do they use it is nest making?

Some hummers perch while drinking & others hover (seems a waste of energy!) ... any reason?

Thanks for any info. for a novice hummer watcher!

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Hello Vieja - I don't have a solution but I need help too! I have 2 feeders up. For a while the wasps and bees took over only one, leaving the other free for the hummingbirds. But now both are literally covered with wasps. I don't have a pond, but do have 2 birdbaths nearby, also now being used by the wasps. We are in a drought conditon in this area of North Carolina - don't know if that's relavent. My hummers also both perch and hover as they feed, so I guess this is just something they do.

Anyway, I got so angry that I turned the hose on one of the feeders, blasting the wasps and sending them away briefly until they figured out what was going on and came after me. They actually gathered at the back window as I cowered inside!

I hope someone will provide us with some helpful suggestions.

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novice60(8 ATL)

Me too, Misrisgannar

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rita_h(PNW 8b)

I user saucer-type feeders with the feeding ports above the sugar water. No wasps, no bees, no ants, and easy to clean.

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