house across the street got hummingbird feeder

cheri01July 28, 2007

Now I am new to Hummingbirds so I have a question I have about 5 coming to see me at all times of the day but now the lady across the street put up some feeders. Will my hummingbirds leave or will it just bring more birds???


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My guess is that they will visit both feeders. This way there will be less arguments of who has the right to be at the feeder!

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Yes they will visit the house across the street. Did you think that the 5 that visit you do not already make other pit stops. They will visit the house across the street , the one around the block , or even a mile down the road. In fact they will check out anything that is red, garage pull down handle, red sign or flowers , most anything that is red will get their attention. I have several feeders , flowers and lots of hummers but they will still visit else where, change your feeders at least twice a week and they will be happy.

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You'll be fine. They'll visit other feeders and plants but they'll keep coming to yours. As suggested, just make sure your nectar is fresh.

There's some research that shows that when stores of the same kind open close to each other (for example, coffee shops), it brings in more business for all the coffee shops, instead of reducing it (as you'd think would happen) -- maybe the hummer feeders will work the same way! :)


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Cheri01--- Another tip that might help if you dont already do it. I feed my hummers bottled water which I buy from walmart for $3.98 a case sams club. It has a much better taste than regular water, spoil them, afraid I have.

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missriss(6b PA)

I knew that when I put my feeder out that the neighbor a couple houses down always attracted hummers so knowing they were already in the area made me feel confident that I'd have visitors also.

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Do you want to keep your visitors,, keep that nectar fresh. In this really hot spell, change it at least every 2 or 3 days, no longer than that and it wouldnt hurt since you are trying draw and keep them to change it every day. I usually change mine at night when they have finished and it will be there and ready at the crack of dawn when they arrive.

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It'll also help to outplant your neighbor with some hummer favorites! My neighbor put out a feeder, and got discouraged that she hadn't seen any at her feeder. Well, her first mistake was not changing the sugar water. I did tell her to, but I guess she couldn't be bothered. Secondly, her garden is mostly shaded. Although she has a beautiful garden and setup, she just doesn't have the plants. I have the edge, hehehe...

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yardenman(z7 MD)

I've never noticed a hummer feeder in a neighboring yard, but I sometimes see my hummers fly out of the yard so I suppose there must be some somewhere nearby.

But I have not only 4 feeders but plenty of flowers they seem to like, so they keep coming back. I seem to have 4 or 5 that are always around the yard.

I figure that if more neighbors attract more hummers (or support babies as they mature and seek unclaimed food sources), I'm going to get most of them in my yard anyway. Heck, I would give my neighbors feeders if I thought they would use and maintain them!

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