Hummingbirds disappeared! :(

cat_nap_purrJuly 30, 2013

Hi! Within the past 2 weeks I've noticed all the hummingbirds have disappeared except for 2! :( I live in San Cristobal New Mexico which is 16 miles North of Taos. Last year they were here until the 3rd week of September. Does anyone know why? I really miss them! Thank you! Marci :)

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Have your hummers returned Marci? I live in North Louisiana and the hummers here disappeared overnight. Here yesterday, gone today. I've never seen anything like it. We have had weekly showers all summer until recently. I figure the natural plants they feed on have started to dry up. That's what makes this more perplexing. Typically , this time of year, they are drawn to the feeders and flowers in the yard.

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Live near Tampa Florida, saw a hummer Thursday filled the feeders up had one every 2 hours Friday then one every 20 minutes all day Saturday then it rained Sunday morning and have not seen one since and it is 3:30 pm Monday. What happened ?

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