Been a while..... update on blooms

rennflOctober 20, 2013

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been a regular visitor, although I do pop in once in a while. Hope everyone is doing great.

Thought I'd write an update on some first time bloomers I had this summer.

Hoya lobbii

Hoya davidcummingii

Hoya ilagorium (sp?)

Hoya heuschkeliana

And the pink version

Hoya buotii

And finishing up with two views of the 'Plain Jane' publicalyx

Hope you enjoy!


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Great pics, Jane! I love lobbii flowers. It's a fast and wildly large grower and those beautiful flowers are it's redeeming quality. Davidcummingii was one that did well for me the first couple years and bloomed, but then I lost about 3/4 of it to dehydration. I managed to salvage a small amount, that sat there for about 2 years, and this year,it finally plumped out and actually grew just a bit. I think it will be ok now, so I look forward to those pretty blooms. Yellow and red together is very striking!

I've never heard of the ilagorium - I love those flowers! Is the corolla as orange as it looks in the photo? Can you post a pic of the leaves?

My hueshkeliana (I grow a few) have grown nicely this year, but they didn't want to bloom for some reason. I've bloomed the pink form a few times, but I'm still waiting on the yellow one. My buotti is still young, but has grown a lot this year, too, so hopefully I'll see blooms next year. They're sure pretty!

Now are you calling your pubicalyx Plain Jane or is that actually a cultivar? Because those flowers are a little different than any of the cultivars I grow. Of course, that could just be different growing conditions or lighting. If it is an actual cultivar name, can you post a photo of those leaves as well?

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Beaufifuf blooms Renee!! My favorite is that H. ilagorium...the colors are so pretty!

My Caudata is blooming for the second time this summer/fall...this has been a very rare bloomer for me so its nice to see it twice in several weeks...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Another shot...

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Beautiful blooms!! I love the Ilagorium!! Those are really special!! I love that color combination. I also really like Lobbi!! That color is so deep!! Thanks for sharing !!!

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Denise, thanks for the comments... I've been growing davidcummingii in S/H, and it seems to be thriving. It actually has 5 penduncles on a still small plant, but I have to admit I love these flowers.

And yes the flowers on ilagorium are as orange as the picture shows, maybe a little deeper orange in person. For the leaves, here is a link to pictures.

As for 'Plain Jane' it is not a registered cultivar, so I am breaking the rules calling it that, but it is different enough that I had to call it something, so....

As for the leaves, here is a link.

Pug, your Caudata is gorgeous, I had a cutting that was growing nicely and my cat ate it. The whole complete thing! So I am so very jealous of you and those gorgeous flowers. With my move, I didn't acquire any new Hoyas this summer, but come spring, Caudata is at the top of my list.

Teisa, thank you for the kind words!


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I was just given H. RHP seeds. I was thinking I saw where you planted seeds once in moss. I had ALOT of seeds. I planted 3 trays in soil and 2 in moss. Can you please advise me what/when you did with the ones growing in moss? I think you planned to grow them S/H. But I need advice on when you converted them. Thank you for advice!!!

P.s. I started a thread below titled "RHP Seed Growing"

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Teisa, Good luck with your little seedlings...hopefully Renee will see this post and give you some advise! I don't grow them so I have no advise for you...

I saw your thread on the seedlings, they are SO cute...hope they grow well for you!

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