What 'date' did you first see your Hummers come back?

patsi(z7-S.Jersey)July 4, 2007

Hi everyone!!

So I guess everyone's hummers are here for the season.

Just curious what dates they're coming this year.

So what date did your wonderful hummers show up?

Below is an excerp from my Bird blog found at

"My Page"

~~We have a male everyday since June 13th and a 2nd one sighted June 22nd. Since July 1st we also have a female.Lady Agnes was here May 21 last year so I don't think it's the same female.

~~first sighting April 28,2007--all sightings stoped after 2 weeks UNTILL June 13,2007.Female just showed up July 1st.So we now have a couple.Maybe babies soon.


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Sad to say but I still have not had any hummers this year.
I guess since they have not shown up by now they are not going to come. I wish I knew why.

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Don't Despair.

Read this.
~~~~~~~Late Hummers~~~~~~


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I am Austin, Texas and they always arrive around March 20th.

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I'm in Laurel, MD. Mine showed up on June 5th this year :) Christy

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This year was May 11.

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