Do Hummingbirds like bougainvillea?

Eric580July 29, 2012

Hi:) I have read on some websites that bougainvillea doen't produce nectar and makes hummingbirds waste energy. I also read that it is a nectar producing vine that hummingbirds love. Whis is true? Please help.

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I read the same thing. It would not deter me from having bougainvillea. More food for thought..

"Placing hummingbird-friendly plants in the garden is important as a source of food, but the birds do not live on flowers alone.

"Hummingbirds like nectar and insects," said Jill Himonas, owner of the Wild Bird Center in Monterey, California. "They dine at the flowers and get the little insects inside the flowers as they go."

Here's a short list of some hummingbird-friendly plants and the approximate seasons in which they bloom. A longer list can be found at

July-September: Penstemon, monkeyflower, salvia, cosmos, foxglove, hibiscus, butterfly bush, bougainvillea"

A link that might be useful:

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Hi,I know that they are attracted to them, for a few early mornings this last fall, I saw one at my bright pink bougainvillea on the edge of the yard, but it was so far away, I wasn't sure that it actually WAS a hummingbird-until I walked out my front door and almost smack dab into a hummingbird busy at work on my purple and white petunias in a hanging basket. Bougainvillea also attracts butterflies, and is a very nice habitat for small nesting birds. I found an old nest that fit in the palm of my hand while pruning it back after purchasing the property. If I were a small bird, I'd rest and nest there, the thorns are wicked, but easily navigated if you're little. I saw a red tailed hawk land in mine, and frantically fly away. Good little bird sanctuary. :)

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As an aside, four o'clocks are hummingbird food, but I never see them listed. I grew up having hummingbirds buzzing around our four o'clocks in central Florida. A lot of people don't like them because they are prolific seeders and not fussy about where they live, but as a beginning gardener, I like that! And they smell nice, too. :)

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