Going Bananas!!

adaorand(UpstateNY)October 8, 2013

Actually, trying bananas to add their nutrients to some cuttings I'm rooting. Knowing that the peels are good for roses, a bit of googling led me to a Jerry Baker site (remember him from 70's TV?). So ....

I set up a mini terrarium in a candle jar, placing a junk of over-ripe banana between the layer of sphagnum and the soil, then inserted a couple of carnosa cuttings (with just the little root bumps) from a vine I had accidentally broken. It is now atop my fridge at about 74-75F and seven feet from a southeast window.

I'll post on progress, and if I ever master adding pix with Windows 8, I'll add those, too. Wish me luck with both!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I've never heard of adding banana peels to rooting cuttings. Please let us know how it works and how you did it...

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