Low cost bird bath options?

Protego(9)August 6, 2014

You guys are the greatest! Good health to ya!

Low cost. Preferably with running water since that's what they prefer. What are my options? Anything that's like not gonna really jack up any bills? I know I'll get some help! Do tell. Thanks so very much guys!

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

A shallow pan or bowl of water on a deck railing would probably do, Protego. If you don't have a deck railing, you just need some way to elevate it a few feet off the ground. You could even put it on a patio chair or table til you get around to finding something better.

One of those ant well things you hang the feeder from would also do. They cost about $6-7 at Amazon. I've never seen hummers drink from the ant wells, but have seen goldfinches and a kind of red headed sparrow repeatedly drink from the ant wells on my hummzinger feeders, which are even smaller. They grab the stem of the ffeder in their feet and hang upside down to drink.

In fact, I have to refill the ant wells every day because they drink them dry. This is even tho I have two birdbaths out back.

It's amazing to me they can even find such a tiny source of water, but they can.

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I have a large plant saucer, about 3 in. deep on our steps. The birds love it, but have never seen hummers at it. I was watering one day, spraying way across the yard, and here comes a female hummer.. She twisted and turned in the spray for about 5 minutes! I was completely amazed! Wonderful experience...
I tried to set up one of those single spray emitter things, but didn't see any hummers come. We have plenty of hummers here in Az. Couldn't get one interested in it, had set it up several times and at different times of day. No takers.

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