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greedygh0stOctober 14, 2010

The red heuschkeliana disappointment made me wonder what color varieties we'd invent if we could wave our magic wands.

I'm thinking I'd like an... australis ssp. tenuipes with orange blossoms. And shouldn't subcalva come in a purple? I'd also like more black flowers, sayyy a blacky-blue multiflora or pachyclada? Oh and a bright green buottii.

What would you conjure if you could influence the next discovery?

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GG, we both have the same creative mind! Remember me posting about if you had the choice to name a hoya? The gears are turning in my mind for colors and names! I like the idea of an orange flowered australis. Orange is one of my favorite colors. I only know of one black hoya which is pubicalyx Black Dragon and I agree about seeing more black flowered hoyas and other plants as well.

Personally, I would like to see a blue flowered hoya myself. Maybe a carnosa with golden yellow flowers? A shepherdii with red flowers? Ah, the wonders of imagination!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I know the pic has been photoshopped but to have one like the white carnosa with the green corona would be TOTALLY awesome!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: http://plantsarethestrangestpeople.blogspot.com/2008/06/plants-i-would-like-to-exist-someday.html

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David that is a great Blog, very funny stuff. The green makes me think a nice minty scent would go well with that bloom. LOL

If I were more competent with phtotoshop I would try and create some of these imaginatively coloured Hoya flowers.


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Brad: lol I did actually think about your thread about naming a Hoya as I created this one. I don't remember if I ever responded to that one or not, but I thought about everyone's responses a lot, debating over whether I'd be whimsical like you or pragmatic like mikedahms.

David: You know, I'd seen that blog before, but I don't think I ever read it, so I didn't realize that he'd invented a number of new cultivars. I am completely batty about that kermit carnosa, too.

Mike: I'm so glad you took this into the domain of fragrances. I love the idea of a mint smelling Hoya.

I'm not really any good with Photoshop either, but here are my homages to our ideas so far.

Hoya australis ssp. canteloupis

Hoya shepherdii 'Miles Davis'

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GG, wow! I'm in love with both of them! My fave of the two is the 'Miles Davis' shepherdii. Something about that blue color strikes a chord with me. I like that carnosa dmichael showed us too!

A mint scented hoya would be neat and a great air freshener! I'd like one that smells like honeysuckle, roses or moonflowers. I wouldn't mind a strawberry or a peach scented hoya either.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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What do moonflowers smell like? It's funny, I was thinking strawberry too, even though that's not usually my favorite flavor. Peach is a great idea. Or, I'm thinking coconut, almond and cinnamon (like whoever it was who suspected cinnamomifolia of smelling of cinnamon). Magnolia mmmmm...

Here's another offering. I originally wanted to do it white and name it Narcissa (lol) but here it is in green. I'm not sure that I really care for this shade of green, but if I don't post it now, it will be the weekend and I'll forget.

Hoya Juno

It occurred to me as I was letting my imagination run wild that there are some types of Hoyas in which we are particularly lucky. You have to reach to imagine a wayettii-esque flower in a color that's not out there. And there's some really nice variety among the erythrostemma/mindorensis bunch. Or the campanulate flowers seem to cover the whole spectrum.

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oops, that should be Hoya onychoides 'Juno', of course!

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The orange Hoya australis is really eye catching and the blue Hoya shepherdii looks kinda like an Agapanthus flower to me, at least in colour.
I just noticed the variety name for the australis, I love the smell of cantaloupe! LOL


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lol me too! This summer my mother's farmhand grew some kind of amazing gargantuan Mexican cantaloupe and when I'd bring them home, they'd perfume my entire kitchen with that scent, even unsliced and from inside the refrigerator. I wish I could have them all year long. v_v

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