Hoya aff. mindorensis

dmichael619(8a)October 14, 2010

I purchased this hoya last year as H. aff mindorensis from Antone at dischidia.com. I was attracted to it because of many pictures that I had seen of his plant blooming a rainbow of colors from the same plant. My plant has been in bloom for several months now and the first sets were peachy pink ,more pink less peach!!! Today it is blooming again and I have shared some pics of what it looks like now blooming from the exact same peduncle as the previous flowers.

This is what the flowers have looked like all spring/summer long. This is an old photo from last month.

Now this is what they look like today!!!

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Wow! That's awesome, David! Yep, definitely on my list. ;)


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Wow, so fun and beautiful! It's hard to believe such a spectacular variety of bloom would still have a few more tricks up its sleeve. Thanks for the comparison photos!

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Love the yellow blooms David. I ordered my plant because of the photos I had seen of yellow flowers. I wonder if the heat and sun of summer are what make the blooms more yellow?


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This is a very good link for comparison of the blooms from this particular hoya. I'm not 100% sure this is where Antone got the plant from but it appears to be the same. I know that i got my sp. flatstem (platycaulis) from Antone as well and this guy at Pinoy claims that if you have a plant of platycaulis,it can all be traced back to him.

Mike I guess it could be the heat/sun that has caused it to change but i've not seen one change to this extreme before even though I know that heat and growing conditions can and often do influence flower color. Nothing has changed with this plant except the fact that it has been moved back into the gh for winter now.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.pinoyplants.com/asclepiads.php

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Yes Carolyn, I agree with you...its going on the list,lol..
Just gorgeous David...The colors are so vibrant. Reminds me a little of Easter egg colors...so pretty!

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Jan Sword

David, I got same one from Antone. I love this hoya for sure, mine is still small so only had a few flowers.


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I'm sure this has been asked before, but is aff. mindorensis different to mindorensis yellow? Lovely plant yours... I just hope mine might flower one day!

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Hills I have successfully managed to kill three plants of yellow mindorensis thus far without seeing any of them bloom!!! Two came from David Lidlde and one came from a vendor in Thailand. I have a 4th start of it now that was recently acquired from a very generous forum member here. So I can't say if any of the yellow clones that I HAD would have consistently bloomed yellow or not. According to what I was told of this particular clone of aff. minodrensis it can bloom peduncles with different colored flowers all on the same plant. I am very anxious to see mine with more than a single cluster open at one time so I can actually see for myself!!!


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Oh wow! That is wonderful.

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janisoga(Atl, GA)

Is it common for blooms to last that long? I do not have this variety, but on my pubicalyix and obvata they only last a week or two. Do different varities last different times?

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