Van den Top order arrived

stoc zone 6 swedenMay 16, 2014

So happy,these all went in the new bed I dug in the center of the yard.

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stoc zone 6 sweden

See the tape Ken?

I got:

Lakeside Shore master
Marilyn Monroe
Blue Mouse Ears
Guacamole--Yeah Don!
Queen of the Seas
Flemish Sky
Crumples--love this one.

I have another order coming from Fransens on Monday.Thanks enablers.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

brilliant ...

i would have taped up higher.. right under the wide leaves ...

whats the deal with the boxes... do they keep their plastic pot..and just jam roots into a box???

those are some monster plants for the root mass provided ... hyperfert'd for sure... i wouldnt be surprised if they regress in size next year ....

wait.. are you soaking them in old milk cartoons or something??? .. mjolk??? ... man you guys will throw a j in anywhere .. lol ...

anyway.. congrats.. keep us posted.. thx for the pics ..


ps: you know to let the tape fall off by itself.. right??? [that is for the newbs who dont understand] ... or should i say... tjape ... or jnewbs??? .. ok .. i am amusing myself.. forjive me ... lol ...i cant sjtop ... i hope you have a sense of jhumor ... crikjey ... OMGj ... just hjit send now ...

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Nice grab there, James. And of course, a new bed just for them. Looking good, man!

If I remember correctly, you're an American, living in Sweden, rijht? ; )

Don B.

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I have all of those except Marilyn and Crumples. How about a close up of Crumples. Not familiar with that one. Nice haul.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Wow but they are huge!! and very robust! I have all but that the dark green one on left in first pic? You will take close-up, please, yes? :-)

Bet you're excited!


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mountainy man z8 Ireland

They look huge James, How many eyes on the Flemish Sky?

I don't know how you could wait this long lol.

Nice new bed, daffs still going strong there i see, mine are just finished.

Have fun and enjoy them.


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stoc zone 6 sweden

You are too funny.Of course I have a sense of humor,have to if you live here.They do put lots of j's in places.The extra 3 vowels are fun to try to pronounce(Not)Ã¥ååääääöööö

Those are milk cartons,1 liter ones that I soak the roots in.The roots are all tied up from shipping and I had to jam them in the containers.They do have great root systems.Tried to find a pic of last years order with roots but can't find it.

Don you got it right an American in Sweden.

Denis I will go and count the pips.

Yes Crumples is on the right.My friend thought it looked like wrinkled spinach.

I have a pic of it after planting and watering.
Will take another one.

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Stoc, LOVE LOVE LOVE your URN. It is quite dandy.
And that big frosty blue, it looks like an AGAVE plant with the pointy leaves. It has to be the Flemish Sky?

Great hostas you have there. I'm with Jo, the Crumples is very interesting. I thought Tiajuana Brass was crumpled up but this one beats it.

Cannot wait to see your next order. Just like Christmas again.

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lavendargrrl(7b Apex, NC)

What a great order you've got there, stoc. Enjoy your new plants! Please keep us posted on their progress. ðÂÂÂ

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stoc zone 6 sweden

Denis,it's taped up but I think it has 6 eyes.Kind of hard to tell.

Mocc--I love the urn too,got it on clearance this Spring.
Have a baby tree fern in it-am waiting for my garden center to get some big ones in.They are truly gorgeous .Dicksonia Antartica.The fronds can get 3 meters long and it can take cold to -10 C.

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For something that big, it takes a sizeable weighty container to stand up. Mercy, now I know that big urn is not only pretty but heavy! The plant is so untropical, yet it comes across as the same exotic style of plant. Will it be leafed out during the time hosta are in their glory?Must look it up out of curiosity.

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Very nice-looking bunch of hostas you got there. Enjoy them!

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