New Hosta - Excited

on_greenthumbMay 30, 2014

Can anyone tell me much other than I need to clear space? My new hosta is Montreal Blue Ice Storm. The lady I bought from said I was the first purchaser from her.

Kind of excited!

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Congratulations on your new hosta!

I see that Van Wade registered it in 2007, a cross of (x Elegans) (x Elegans) and it will be an XL size hosta.

You have yourself a unique hosta, which is apparently not commonly grown. Do you have a picture of it to share?

Here is what the MYHOSTAS.BE web site says about it:
"A Van Wade seedling that impressed Reggie Millette of Quebec so much that it had to receive the name 'Montreal Blue Ice Storm'.
Truly a giant, blue beauty. "

The folks from your zone will chime in to point you in the right direction with this hosta. Glad you shared your excitement with us. Good fortune with growing it.

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Leave a lot of space, Elegans type hostas can have a diameter over 2.5 meters when mature.....It's hard to picture now, but this type of Hosta can Get GIANT.....

A few tips for growing Giant Hostas. (Everybody should have at least 1 in their garden if they space)

1. Good soil, amend planting area with peat moss and plenty of sheep manure (much better than cow manure)

Hostas love good drainage.

They will grow in heavy clay type soils but growth is much, much slower (What might take 3-4 years in good well drained humus may take 10 years in clay based soils)

2. Avoid competition with tree roots (esp. Maples, Norway maples being the worst)

The tree will always win in completion for water and nutrients.

Generally (there are always exceptions ) Hostas grown directly under trees will stay smallish, even the giant varieties.

3. Keep it well watered

Hostas (esp the "elegans" types) are thirsty monsters lots of water equals big plant.

Again hostas can survive in dry conditions but this will severly stunt growth.

Less frequent deep waterings are much better than frequent light waterings.

for the first few weeks after planting keep it from drying out at all.
Fertalization is not really important for hostas

I do one good dose first week of May and that's it for the year

4. Plant shallow.

Hostas don't want to be buried deep in the ground.

The crown of the plant should be just a few mm under the soil.

Deep planting will severely stunt the plant, and lead to crown rot in the spring.

5. Plant in an area where it is not getting blasted by sun all afternoon,

Morning sun is best (full sun 'till 11:00 and dappled shade after that is best)

Hostas again will survive in full sun (most of them)
Full sun will lead to smaller , more densely packed leaves. You won't get the awesome "dinner plate" or larger leaves in full sun.

6. Leave it alone....

Once your Montreal Blue Icestorm (cool plant btw) is situated, don't move it,

Resist the urge to split it.

As soon as you split a hosta, and damage the "root plate"(which is the tissue that connects all the "eyes) The plant can start to revert back to a juvenile form, and you may have to wait years to get the plant to an adult again.

7. Patience

Even if you can provide all the above mentioned conditions for your plant (and it will still get BIG even if your conditions are not perfect)

It will take time. 5-7 years to reach maturity. although in 2-3 years it will be impressive.

Hope this Helps


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Looking pretty small, but giving it lots of room to grow and move. Will post more when it's doing something interesting. LOL I think it's still just settling in.

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mary4b(4b WI)

Looks like a beauty, congratulations! It's a lot of fun to find an uncommonly grown hosta. You are definitely pushing my limits of patience with all that space to grow into...James will be proud of you! I wish I were so patient with "empty space"....I am learning, but it's a constant struggle for me.
James, that was an excellent write up on hosta planting, definitely one for bookmarking.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Greenthumb, wish I had a spot for that one. Lucky you.

Jim, I'm clipping your post. Great advice. I've made every one of the mistakes, you've said not to make.

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If it's an Elegans type hosta it will get very, very, big. Give it enough sun if you want to see a true monster.

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