Winged ants invading hummer feeder

bertbeckAugust 16, 2007

I'm new to this forum, having joined yesterday. My question is about flying ants that are swarming on our hummingbird feeder. We've had wasps and bees there, but the hummers seem to be able to abide them. But these pesky ants are another story. I've read various online articles about combatting bees, wasps, and regular ants; but have any of you a solution to the problems posed by the flying types? Thanks.

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yardenman(z7 MD)

Aren't flying ants a very brief mating episode of some "regular" ants? If memory serves, it shouldn't last long. Hopefully, the annoyance to your hummers should be brief.

I do see flying ants sometimes, but only a few days if that long.

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yardenman, I'm not positive that they are ants because I'm no entomologist. But they look exactly like ants to me, except that each has a pair of wings, and they fly. I have examined one closely: it is brown, has wings, is 1 cm long, and definitely has a "stinger." They've been swarming on our feeder for more than a week, and they seem to bother the hummers worse than wasps and bees do.

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