guarding his feeder

leg68August 20, 2008

sits on feeder hanger all day keeping others away.

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Great pics!! Thanks for posting 'em!

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That is awesome, thanks for posting! I try but can never get any pics. like those.

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I have one like this too. I have 2 feeders so the rest can eat, and have to swap his feeder regularly so his food doesn't get old. He is a pain! last year when we had such a bad drought, I had 3 feeders going and they wouldn't last one day. I have pics of bunches of them flying around, and video. We counted 22 at once. The video shows them because I knew people wouldn't believe it. It was kind of odd feeling out there, you could sit under the feeders and they would buzz all over the place. I was hoping this year not to have them all back, and so far the most has been 8. That is enough to keep in sugar water. Great pics!!! Julie

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