Hummingbird feeder parts, where to buy?

bowlofjokes(z6 CT)August 23, 2005

I did a search here and a quick google. I have a glass bulb feeder. The clear plastic tube became dysfunctional when I tried to clean it recently. (don't want to talk about that)

I saw someone post a link once to where they buy parts for their homemade feeders, but I've lost it. anyone,anyone.


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These are the cheapest I found and they work great. I had the same problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aftosa

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bowlofjokes(z6 CT)

Mine isn't like that. Shoot I got it as a present too. Maybe I could pick up that part and modify it to work. My tube goes into an assembly that screws to the glass bulb. Thanks, I'll search along.

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Re: the above link for Aftosa I couldn't tell what size bottle neck/mouth opening the stopper would fit into ... here is another link that specifies a stopper that would fit openings of 1/2" - 3/4" which would exactly fit my feeder mouth however you have to buy a 6-pack:

I also found a variety of replacement parts available at Perky-Pet

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The feed mill in our town has all these parts. If you check a feed mill
or a feed supply store you may find them there.. save the shipping.
Im counting down the days to seeing hummers again.. wish I could hybernate till Spring I hate winter.. its 19 degrees, 8 inches snow
but its supposed to be 50 by sunday!! :)

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Hi all,

We own a Perky Pet 30 oz. glass hummingbird feeder but our plastic base (see attached) is falling apart and needs to be thrown away very soon. Websites want about $10.00 just for the little plastic base.

Anyone out there have a base that they could sell to me for a reasonable price?

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I have been using the pp209 30oz glass feeder for many years it is quite durable. I have two but you do have to be careful in cleaning as the circular perch is flexible but could break as once happened to me. I too once had to replace a base years ago but I dont remember it costing $10. Or if it is the perch that is broken there is only a screw holding it to the base and it could be removed altogether. Also you could make up your own homemade perch to save money. Then again you can get an entire new feeder for about $16.

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Heres some more info for you. Your base does not need to be pitched. Its always the ring which if treated too roughly can break. I have had mine for years. Also when you get that black stuff inside the base and around the portholes that is mold and needs a good bleach soak of about 1-10 ratio for about 1/2hr to an hour or so and then rinsed well with cold water.

I found this site which has the pp209 ring perch for $2.35 but they do charge $5.99 ups ground shipping. That is all you really need. Scroll down the page to the left hand corner you will see the correct replacement ring. An entire new feeder cost from $16 on up. They also show the entire base for $6.35. Anyway thats about as good as you can do.

Here is a link that might be useful: hummingbird parts

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