Hoya multiflora (SV-406)

dmichael619(8a)October 28, 2011

This is one of the hoyas that I got from Jack (Epiphytica) when we did our group order a few months back. It circulates in Sweden as H. multiflora SV-406. This is it's first time blooming and already I like it!!! The corolla tips are really much more orange in person than what you see in the photo.Looking at the pics I obviously did not capture their true color. these flowers have just begun to open and are not fully reflexed yet.

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall. It's been soso around here lately. the temps are all over the place,hot then cold then somewhere in the middle!!!!

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David, they're beautiful! I can't wait to see how they look when they're open all the way! I know what you mean about the weather! There's a big Nor'Easter headed our way and we could get anywhere from 7-10 inches of snow :(. Good thing my house plants are all back inside!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Beautiful flowers. Fantastic pictures! Our weather is all over the place here on the Gulf Coast too. It's supposed to turn cooler tonight - at least for a while. I've already relocated my plants to the greenhouse or inside. Glad I don't have to deal with the snow like you do Brad!!!

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

I love the multiflora's freedom to bloom and bloom often with striking flowers. This one is a real beauty David.
Weather is doing the same here in S. California. First we had a heat wave, then it got cold. Got most of the hoyas back inside & now it is due to be in the 80s this week end. LOL Guess we should count our blessings though. At least we are not scrambling from the floods or other horrendous weather happenings that some of the world is experiencing.

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Great pics! Is it bad that I think I like the look of them best when they are just about to open. In this state they remind me of mushroom caps!


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beautiful, fantastic photo...

i love hoya multiflora but it is not easy to find here in italy.

i never seen it!

for now i enjoy looching your hoya!!!

even here, in italy,the weather is very variable,rains, sun,wind...

in one our region there is been deads for flooding...a disaster!!

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the flower and photos!!!! Like so many of you,I am also fond of the H. javanica/multiflora group. I have several clones of it including another from the Epiphytica order that has large leaves and rather flat stems. I can't wait to see that one bloom.

It sounds as if everyone's weather is crazy. I think the entire world climate is in a tailspin right now.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow David!! Those are some beautiful blooms!! Really pretty with the yellow tips. Unreal how quickly yours bloomed considering you've only had it for a few months...sure was quick! Congrats!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Now that is a special bloom!
Interesting shape with a coloration that strikes the fancy as lemon meringue.


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Very nice David, much more colourful that the multiflora I have.


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I originally started this thread back on Friday, October 28th. The flowers on this hoya had just opened that very day. Here it is now 20 days later and would you believe that they are still open and show no signs of aging at all!!!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Gosh, that IS impressive, very nice pix, thanks for posting 'em.

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The blooms on my multiflora are lucky if they last a week. Twenty days is quite amazing, makes this one even more appealing.


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I know this sounds kind of far fetched and maybe like i'm not telling the truth( I CAN'T BELIEVE IT MYSELF) but it's now day 32 and the cluster of flowers from the opening of this thread is STILL fully open and remain intact on the plant!!!!

I have been growing hoyas now for about 12 years ( I have in the neighborhood of 500 in my collection) and to this day have not seen one stay in bloom this long. I thought maybe that the first set of flowers had already fallen and new ones had taken their place, and I just didn't notice but the ground under the plant is clean. No sign of any spent flowers on the gh floor or the table that this plant hangs above.I'm not sure if the weather (temps) has had something to do with the flowers staying on the plant for so long or not. Whatever it is,this is one AMAZING hoya!!!!! It'll be quite interesting to see come spring if the blooms last so long.

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What an amazing lifespan on those blooms. Thanks for sharing the progress with us. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that you were able to capture the blooms in the process of opening. I don't think I've ever seen multiflora's blooms halfway open before even though my plant seems perpetually in bloom. It sneaks the opening process right past me.

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