A Growiing Hoya

jkc1023(7)October 23, 2011

It's late October in Seattle, days are getting shorter, temps are dropping and my Hoya has started a growth spurt. It's put out about an 18" long stem and leaves are starting form. Should I just let it grow? reduce watering? continue watering? fertilize? The plant is only a year old and this is its first real big growth spurt.


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mairzy_dotes(zone 10)

It sounds like whatever you have been doing is making it happy, so I would just continue with that. If it is in a window that is starting to get less light, I would move it to a bright spot so it can get whatever light is happening there. I also usually reduce watering in the winter, but if it has just started a growth spurt, you may want to at least keep up with what it's used to for a while unless you start to see yellowing, etc.

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