This is about Butterflies, but could explain HB issues...

jeelli(5/6 CT)August 13, 2009

I realize this belongs in the Butterfly forum, but I know many people have expressed concern over the lack of Hummers this year, and I thought this may help explain.

I love the comment from Average Joe, btw, someone who obviously lives under a rock...

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Well, that article was about Connecticut and I live in Florida, so the parallels aren't all that great. I have an abundance of butterflies in my garden this year. Perhaps the most ever. I live in a suburb I guess, but there are a lot of undeveloped areas around me, in particular a state park is about three miles away.

I am also seeing more hummingbirds. I think a reason for my seeing more butterflies and hummingbirds is that my garden is now more mature with many larval plants for butterflies and a lot of specific plants for hummers.

I have noted that if we get hot, dry weather that there are less butterflies, but not less hummers. I'm sure that there are variations in the weather that affect populations of wildlife in all areas of this country and others.

Regardless, we need to keep creating habitat friendly areas for wildlife--if only in our yards. One yard that is intensely planted for butterflies and hummingbirds will have more plants than most block-wide wild areas will have. As we say, think globally, act locally.

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