Look what you people have done to me!

banannasOctober 11, 2011

Since visiting my sister in Denmark and seeing her Hoya Compacta that was all I really wanted. Then realizing how hard it was to find them I went online in search of procuring my own. Then I found you people.... now I am a junky and I don't want to be cured. My count is up to ....drum roll....17 varieties and 18 plants in total.

Most of my cuttings are rooted and seem like they are going to make it, still have my fingers crossed for the square leaf cuttings.

Here they all are, some are a little sad looking now but I hope to post new pics in the spring when they are bigger.

The whole gang

Obovata "Silver spot"

Obovata varigated

sp. Haraku

lacunosa "Eskimo"

starting to put on new growth already

sp. Square Leaf baby baby roots that set in water now in LFS, cork, perlite mix and bagged

Callistophylla 0554

sp. Laos and Vitellina


Community Pot


it has started putting on a leaf from the peduncle. Has anyone else ever seen this?




sp. Borneo Ganung Gading

suspected carnosa

deformed leaves on the suspected carnosa

australis "Lisa"

sp. DMC-1622 IML-1831

new growth

Thanks for the addiction!

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I think you have a very nice collection of plants. That growth on the Hoya kanyakumariana appears to be a seed pod, lucky you!


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that's sort of how it always happens!!!! Or at least in my case that's what happened. Like yourself I was in the market to get a "hindu rope" I knew exactly where to get it (at Lowes ) and I did. It was when I went online looking for info on how to care for it and bring it into bloom is when I got in trouble!!!!! I happened upon all of these online forums and met one lady who offered me cuttings and I credit her to this day for creating the "MONSTER". That was about 10 or 11 years ago and you know where i'm at with hoyas now as far as number of varieties goes.

Mike is right that is a seed pod on your H. kanyakumariana.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

You have a VERY nice collection banana. We really are a bad influence aren't we...we're such enablers,lol...Looks to me like you still have plenty of room to add more.

I love your bright large windows with the shelves...perfect place for your hoyas/plants. Thanks for the pictures!

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You have some very nice looking hoyas.I love the leaves on sp. Borneo Ganung Gading and Callistophylla 0554.I have Callistophylla 0554 but I will need to find sp. Borneo Ganung Gading come spring.
I like your little white pots with the holes in them I would love to get my hands on some of these.
I think your new hoyas will do very well in your window corner.


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A seed pod!!!! What do I do with that?

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Thanks all for the further enablement!

Cindy ~ the pots are orchid pots that I got when Smith and Hawken were going out of business. I bought all that I could. My orchid collection was recently decimated by a careless roommate who put them out in full sun while I was away on business so they are now housing hoyas. I have seen others like them in nurseries and online.

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

I love your little plant corner. A perfect place for them. (don't let the roommate near them)..LOL.
Looks like you are already becoming great at raising them too. Expecially getting a seed pod already. Wow. I have never had kanyakumariana grow anything like that. I got a couple of flowers on it before though. Cute little pod at that.
I got started with all these varieties the very same way. You just go nuts when you find these forums and people post all the beautiful pictures of them. Then after you start getting a few of your own...the obsession just takes over & grows & grows. It's like they emit some sort of "buy-more-of-my-kind" drug into the air or something. LOL
Anyway, it is a very fun hobbie and there are ENDLESS new ones to feed the frenzy and satisfy the need for more. Ha.


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Bananas; I know how you feel! They done the same thing to me!!BUT its such fun but very addicting. Your pictures are great!!

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Hi Banannas,

"A seed pod!!!! What do I do with that?"

Do you want to sell your seeds?????

Mitzi from Brazil

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Ament(5a SD)

You let the pod mature..
then you can share those seeds with other people who are addicted to hoyas too! lol :)

~Tina, who would love a few seeds also.

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I have no need to sell them. I would send them to whoever wants them for the cost of shipping. When we did the group order awhile ago with David I paid him through paypal so if anyone wants them and has paypal we could do it that way. Let me know if you are interested.

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Hi Banannas,

Yes I'd love to have some seeds and I do have paypal.

Interesting that I never saw a seed pod here in Brazil nor my friends, I'd love to know how some plants produces seed pots and others don't, as I can see you have your plants inside the house so it is very interesting.

Thank you very much for your offer, and as I always tell people who offers something I'd be very glad to send whatever you guys would like from Brazil and should be possible to ship.


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We should double check how long they go before being germinated so we know what shipping speed to send it. Mike, Josh, Tina, Denise, David anyone know?

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postpunkgirl(7b Texas)

Very lovely collection!!! I too am addicted! And I'm clipping this post to add some new favorites to my list! ;)

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Ament(5a SD)

I've not been into Hoyas long enough to give you the needed information on how long it will take for the seeds to be ready. I wish I could help. Sorry! :)

Being in the middle of the US it's been pretty easy for me to get seeds in the regular post, without having to ship seeds at any faster or higher cost. But I'd bet with others outside of the USA it might be more worth the effort to do so.


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move some of your hoyas outside during the spring and summer season and you will get seed pods!!!! I myself have no interest in hybridizing therefore I never allow any seed pods on my hoyas to develop to maturity.During any given growing season though I normally find between 50-60 or more seed pods.

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Mairzy_Dotes(zone 10)

OMG David you must have an exceptional amount of great and healthy pollinators. Healthy environment, I'd say.

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