Would this work?

Eric580August 10, 2012

Next year I was thinking about planting morning glory underneath the sheperd's hook where my hummingbird feeder is in my hummingbird garden. Is this a good idea?

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Why morning glory? It is not considered a good hummer draw, at least not in my neck of the woods. The closest thing I have in my garden that compares to that is petunia exserta which is pretty much a bust and I wont be having it next season.

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I've heard the red ones attract hummingbirds and I was thinking of an annual vining plant that won't get too big. Maybe I'll try sweet pea?

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tuliper(7B RVA)

I've planted the red mandevilla vine for a few years under my shepard's hook with my feeder. They've always seemed to really like it. I planted a white one this year, because I just feel the need to switch it up. However, there is always something red blooming in this small hummingbird garden. Lobelia cardinalis, huge potted red geranium I've overwintered now for 4 years, pineapple sage. I will say I haven't really paid much attention but I've yet to see a hummer eat out of a white vinca (mandevilla) flower yet... But they've always loved the red mandevilla!

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Sure it would work! Morning glories are nectar-rich flowers but they don't necesarily have to be the red colored ones.......hummers seem to know intuitively (a common genetic memory?) what kind of flowers produce what concentration of nectar so coloring is not nearly as important as one would expect.

IME, most of the common annual vines tend to be big hummer attractors - scarlet runner and hyacinth bean, all manner of Impomoea (morning glories), sweet peas, nasturtiums, rhodochiton, firecracker vine (Mina lobata). This year I tried a new-to-me annual, candy corn vine, Manettia luteorubra.......huge success!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Candy corn vine

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Thanks everyone for answering my question:) Now my hummingbird garden will have even more flowers to feed hummingbirds next year! Did you know one hummingbird drinks from 1000-2000 drinks from a day! Once again, Thanks everyone!

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Whoops! I meant to say on hummingbird drinks from 1000-2000 flowers a day! Silly Me:)

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