Moved some feeders, hope it's not a mistake

eigdeh(z6 NJ)August 26, 2009

I have 5 feeders, but have only had 4 up and they were all setup so that I could see them all from the kitchen window. Actually the only one they really use is the PP 209. The others I have occasionally seen them use on their way to the 209. Since they were really setup for my viewing it was really easy for one hummer to defend them all. I moved one to one side of the house and put the 5th one up on the other side of the house. I am hoping that it will allow more hummers to drink and not just spread them out so that I see less. :c(

I have given up on thinking that the hummers here will share feeders like I see posted on the forum. Once or twice there were two on the feeder at the same time, but usually a third came along and chased them both.

Does anyone here with few hummers, that leaves you out Steve, lol, have feeders on all sides of the house? Does it work out well for viewing?


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jeelli(5/6 CT)

Hi Ken,
I have some out in my front-side yard, and some feeders on my deck. My deck feeders have been over run by wasps or yellow jackets- to the point where going out on the deck is pretty dicey. Both sides work well for viewing- the front feeders aren't swarmed like the back, and up until now it hadn't been an issue. I'm going to add more next year to the back yard near our patio...
They still chase each other, but we're at the point where we can always see a Hummingbird at at least one of those locations, if not both.

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