Going Bananas

tinael01(10A)December 1, 2011

How long will it take these guys to mature? I just noticed them today..right before the start of winter. Will they make it? Stay tuned.....

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Same thing happened to me. A few weeks ago, after a whole summer of nothing, nada, zip, my bananas busted out with new fruit. Go figure. Anyhow, from the size of your fruit and the time of year I'd say you have a few more weeks before you have to pick. I waited too long last year and lost several bunches.

I've picked mine now and have them hanging from a wire until they ripen.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

I hate to disagree but instead of a few weeks you will have months to wait.....generally from the time the first hand is visible to ripe is 3-5 months........depends on variety and time of the year as they ripen slower this time of year.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Yep - I agree with 4-6 months. I got some to ripen over winter last year. I wrapped the bunch in C9 xmas lights and lit them up whenever the temp dropped below 35. The fruit took a bit of damage, but ripened in March with quite a few good ones.

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I hope you are right; mine were frozen stiff last year and did not come back. I'll have to try the Xmas lights.

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okay - 6 months and Christmas lights. Got it. :) Thanks!

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Randy Ritchie

Love the naners photos! Fingers crossed you get some yummy fruit this Winter.

We've been here 6 years, almost, and I've never tasted a single one of these home-grown fruits you all have. No naner plants here where we live, except I have a few small dwarf naner plants in large pots. They've been unwilling to bloom, much less fruit for me tho...


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